Accidently used the “F” Word to my wife.

Wife gets ready for Church today… a new outfit.  She asks “How do I look?”

I made a huge mistake… “Fine.”

Guys… never use the word “fine” to a woman.   She gave me a glare and disappeared.   She changed her skirt, late to church… all because I used the F-Word.   It’s an okay word to use with the fellas.  Guys don’t care.  Fine is fine… but to a woman… Oh my hell.  Never use the F-word to a woman.

14 thoughts on “Accidently used the “F” Word to my wife.”

  1. NEVER say ‘fine’. If she comes out wearing hot pink chainmail with matchin greaves and helmet, the lowest level of approval is an enthusiastic ‘good’.

  2. Bleep, I hate that kind of crap! No matter what you say there’s at least a 50% chance she’ll take it badly: be too enthusiastic she’ll accuse you of being sarcastic, not ‘enough’ enthusiasm and you think she looks bad.

  3. While I would like to tell you my feelings on this subject my Wife is in the room… So… Uh… George you were way out of line.

  4. George has been married to me for 18 years now. He should know how to answer! Honestly, thoughtfully as if I matter, and not simply dismiss me with a wave of the hand and a “fine”.

  5. Hell, driving in the truck the other day… I asked Caryn if she was REALLY going to wear the ballcap she had on.
    “Does it look bad?”
    Uhhh… yea. Here trade with me.

    Thats one of the reasons she loves me… no worries on what I am thinking.


  6. Women claim they want sensitive men who can understand them. A sensitive man who understands women is usually out using his sensitive understanding to get laid by as many women or what ever, as he can.

  7. deep down inside we know what we are saying when we say “fine”. It means we have seen our wives in nicer stuff but this is our unwitting way of letting her know it’s only fine

    1. Yeah, but “Fine” still means perfectly acceptable. I think we need to train our women to accept the “Go/No-Go” standard.

      1. Good luck with that. If you haven’t managed it in 18 years, I doubt you’ll do it in another 18.

  8. Be nice kids, don’t fight.

    My ex never liked my “Gives me a boner” answer.

    Divorced and cherishing my two kids and freedom.

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