Top Shot Season 2

Last year I was faced with a tough choice.  I was running for public office, and I was wanting to go on Top Shot.  The producers made me choose one of the other.  I could not be running for office if I was going to be on the show.  I had to pick.  From the support I had for my campaign, there was no way I could turn my back on that.  So I chose to take a pass on the show.

Tonight I just watched the 1000 Yard episode.  A .50 cal rifle to 1000 yards?  Are you kidding me?  Love that.  However watching what happened after the challenge… I am very glad I picked to keep my run for office.  At times I had regretted not going on the show – but after this episode, I know I made the right choice.  I wouldn’t want anything to do with the show after that.   I don’t want anything to do with it now.

12 thoughts on “Top Shot Season 2”

  1. After watching the lastest episode the military personnel, both retired and active,remaining in the competition are shown that group ties are more important than making the right choice. After watching this episode it is easy to see how the coverups in the military are occuring if all military personnel participate in ths group think above personal responsibility. It places a bad taste in my mouth for the remaining episodes. This show had become one of my favorites to watch.

  2. Ditto the SSgt G request: Why don’t you want anything to do with the show? I’d watch an episode, but here in Japan, that’s a bit tough. Did the show folks do something bad?

  3. These guys tried to game the system in an earlier episode too if you will recall. Granted it’s a show and coached/edited to a great extent, but all the talk about integrity by the marines remains just talk.

    1. That’s one of the things that is most disappointing. If they had integrity, they would have put Joe in the ring so he could face it. But they didn’t. They held a grudge on a good shooter based on nothing more than personal issues – lead by George who’s just the Top Dick. It was pathetic to watch.

  4. It did just turn into a show about friendship over performance which is very disappointing…but I am looking forward to when they will eventually have to stab eachother in the back. The 1000yd. shot was very cool, but again disappointed how they did the scoring. 5 minutes to walk 15 rounds into a target with the scope elevation already set for the range can be done by ANYONE with marksmanship fundamentals. What they should have done was penalized the shooter for each round that they didn’t hit the target, say a 5 or 10 second penalty, to put the focus on skill over just how fast they can walk a round into a garbage can lid sized target. George did own that challange and should’ve won.

  5. Just watched it. Such bullcrap. That Air Force sniper is an idiot. Not nominating a guy who didn’t hit the target. Or the guy who performed second worse. Did they not realize that they are on national television? I guess they just want the money. It may not be against the rules, but it’s wrong and bad to support mediocrity like that.

  6. Yep. That last episode was hard to watch. It’s pathetic. I’m ashamed to see fellow Marines getting sucked into the petty drama and plotting. No integrity. I found myself doing something I never thought I would do … I was rooting for Jay. I haven’t liked his attitude throughout the show. He did put up when it counted and I would have liked to see him stay if for no other reason than to see him beat George (the Air Force Sniper?). I’m sick of him being on his high horse. Talk about cocky. I’ll be cheering when he gets the boot.

  7. Yeah, at the start of the season, I never thought I would find myself rooting for Jay. The rest of those guys are dicks, plain and simple. I’m sure Jamie will be going out in the next episode, but he (and possibly Joe) are the only ones worth a damn.

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