Visiting Carolina Arms Group Again

North Carolina is home to one of the best, most advanced 1911 Custom builders in the world, Carolina Arms Group.  You’ve read about them before here, and you might again in the future.   The owner if CAG is a fellow I call a friend… so it’s not unlikely.
I’ve watched the growth of CAG go from essentially one man with a file to a full fledged Gun Manufacturer.    And along the way, the company has evolved in a way that’s quiet remarkable.  The quality control gets tighter and tighter, and the standards get higher and higher.  The gun themselves have always been amazing.  But now I have to admit, these are the best 1911’s money can buy.  Period.  Let me show you why…

Each 1911, and each part in it, starts out the same.  It starts with a forged billet of steel.   As do some others… but CAG is very particular about the quality of the steel.  Let’s put it this way… no one else is using stuff this good.  Also, no one else is as particular about where the steel comes from.  CAG uses only steel from 100% USA Sources.
This is an American gun after all.   That billet is then machined to exacting specifications.  Their tolerances are measured to degrees only found in the Aerospace Industry using aerospace technology.

Even in the raw, the fitment of slide to frame is better than most finished 1911’s that are said to be custom made.

CAG pistols are available in the most popular sizes, Government length, Commander length, and the new Officer’s length.  Since you’ve seen my photos of the other guns before, let’s take a closer look at the new little guy there… the CWO.

The CWO is a departure from the regular 1911’s as they are using a bushingless bull barrel, which is a system proven for reliability and accuracy.

The photo makes it look like the muzzle is Jeweled, but it’s not… It’s just mirror polished and you can see the reflection of the mat’s texture the gun is laying upon.  To say the action is butter smooth is not quite enough… It’s like butter lubricated with Ky and then gently warmed by the soft body heat of a beautiful woman.

CAG pistols are available in .45 Auto and 9mm, though they have made a 10mm in the past… and if you really want… they could probably make another one for you as well.  You can get different sights on them if you so wish.  These are Custom Made gun, of course.   You can order one just how you want it.  But if you order off the menu as they say… you are still getting a custom made gun unlike any other.

A Carolina Arms Group gun starts with superior materials and ends with superior attention to detail.   You can feel the difference.

8 thoughts on “Visiting Carolina Arms Group Again”

  1. As a proud owner of several, and with knowledge of the history of the company, I agree with this evaluation. My first addiction was their TC-9, the most accurate handgun I have ever shot. If they make ME look good (a rifle guy), they must be really great. I have a few 9mm in 1911, including one amazing custom John Harrison S.A. Loaded, and this pistol just plain shoots better – for me.

    Coincidentally, I just cleaned my CAG pistols yesterday from a group outing Friday. Was reminded of the attention to detail and the buttery slide fitment.

    For those looking for a true precision firearm, and willing to consider something without name recognition, you deserve to take time to shoot these.

    Note that CAG uses my zMAX BoltLube formula at the factory and recommends it for their firearms.
    Jus’ sayin’.

    1. Well, you are right on both counts!
      Now, Allen… If you like, CAG can do custom serial numbers for you… to personalize the gun.
      Mark would be happy to build you a 1911 to your specifications.

  2. I have the Trenton Carry 45, it’s an awesome gun and you simply can’t purchase a better 1911 than the Carolina Arms Group. That said the only thing better than their guns is the people that build them. I exclusively use zMAX Bore Cleaner & Conditioner to clean and zMAX Bolt Lube to lube. Mark recommended it and it’s the only thing I use. I use it on all my guns.
    Vern Flowers

  3. Beautiful stuff . Properly done, the 1911 is still my choice when it comes to a pure combat pistol. Thanks for sharing, G.

    1. Indeed. It is. Something rarified and special, something a cut above the more common production guns.

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