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Common Practice is that Semi-Autos and Single Shots are referred to as Pistols on the Form 4473, and Revolvers have their own check box. However, this is quite stupid. The term Pistol can be used for all handguns, and in the past it was quite common for Pistol to be used referring to revolvers.

Arguing that one is not the other and vice versa is like splitting hairs between a Riding Crop and a Driving Whip. The differences do not matter, don‘t even try to make the argument and being a pedantic jackwagon. Because no one should even care. Pistol is as generic a term as “Handgun” and can correctly be used interchangeably.
The 4473 is rife with retrograde thinking. Defining pistol or revolver is just one. Rifle or Shotgun also doesn’t matter. If there has to be any split in type, it should be along the Handgun or Long Gun line. And even there, the line is blurry now with Braced Handguns and SBR’s. I could show you different photos of AR-15’s and it would take the Owner of the gun to tell you which is which. So that’s another thing that needs to be deleted. All the SBS/SBR jackassery that is a part of the National Firearms Act… Which was terrible law making back in 1936 and it’s even worse now.

We have laws and ordinances requiring mufflers on a great many things… but on a firearm it’s illegal, unless you pay 200 Dollars for a TAX STAMP. Something you used to be able to buy from a hardware store for 5 bucks now costs you a Grand, plus 200 bucks, and then you have the asinine wait until His Majesty’s Service deems it’s ready to process your paperwork… average is what, 9 months now? This is beyond retarded. The process for doing a background check to buy a Tactical Shotgun is done pretty much instantly, and if you have a CCW Permit, it’s not even required… and if you don’t pass instantly, the background by law has to be done within 7 days or you can by law go ahead and buy the gun.
But to purchase a bloody muffler – you could have a Baby and start a Family before you get approved for a metal tube with some baffles in it. Never mind you could make a suppressor with stuff most guys have in their garages…. but to buy one requires the Federal Government to deem you worthy and you get to pay 200 dollars for the privilege. Thank you, Sir, may I have another!?!

These laws are utterly useless. They prevent no crime, they serve no purpose. They don’t even make the Feds any money as it requires a whole bunch of people to process everything and at the speed in which they get the job done… if it was a private business doing these transactions, they would be out of business.  Well, maybe not – they are selling a product that they don’t have to either buy or produce… selling you a Right.  Much like the old Catholics selling Indulgences.
Here’s the deal. We either delete the NFA… Or we make the NFA a Checkbox on the 4473 and they get processed like everything else, all at the same time.

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  1. The reason for the seemingly irrational length restrictions, and the weird language about parts in the “silencer” section, was to prevent gun owners from making shouldered weapons into pistols or constructing new pistols from parts.

    The original draft of the NFA of ’34 included a $200 tax on pistols, and had no mention of sound suppressors.

    One of the NRA’s first political acts was to lobby to get the word “silencer” substituted for the word “pistol” in the original legislation.

  2. Perhaps we should just repeal the whole thing along with the ’68 G.C.A. and be done with it. Then turn the whole BATFE into a sub-division of the FBI instead letting it be its own agency and cottage industry.

  3. Actually the 7 day thing gives the retailer the option to release the gun to the buyer it does not madate it. The reality is that NO commercial retailer will release a gun to anybody without a clear background check, the lawyers will not allow them to take on that kind of liability. Sold guns at retail for some time and a lot of buyers would come in and demand their guns after a week or so of the background ATF not returning with an approval. They didn’t get it. A lot of them ended up being denied and had we released the gun it would be on us if they miss used it in any way…

    1. This isn’t entirely accurate, I’ve worked for half a dozen FFL dealers and over half of them were willing to release a firearm after the seven days. It is up to the FFL but, at least in Arizona, dealers who refuse to release tend to not stay in business.

      1. All the FFL Dealers I’ve worked for, and with and Consulted for… NONE of them would proceed with a sale without an Approval Code as a general rule. I know of 3 incidents that two of them did. In 2 cases, the persons were well known to the Dealers, and people of good standing in the communities. The third was just some dude that really wanted a gun that the dealer was very motivated to sell as it had been on the shelf for a very long period of time. The gun was also in poor condition and not likely to be used for anything nefarious. And even then, the sale proceeded with protest from Me and a couple other guys. I personally, would never proceed.
        The liability is too great.

  4. Ogre, hope you’re doing well. I’ve been reading your stuff for ten years, including your very excellent books. Always love your rants. 😀

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