Gone Mossy

For YEARS I’ve advocated the Remington 870 as the Defensive Shotgun of Choice.   I’ve always loved the 870, and I still do.
When you take a Mossberg and add the Magpul stock to it… Something magical happens.  You have something greater than the sum of it’s parts.
To explain this… let me explain the pros and cons.
The Mossy has the superior shell lifter for tactical reloading and more efficient and safer unloading.   The Mossy also has that tang mounted safety that allows for efficient left or right hand shooting.  The Remington system is certainly right hand biased, and shelf lifter makes tactical reloading a bit more tricky as you are fighting against the lifter’s spring while trying to shove in a fresh shell.  And you have to finesse the gun and roll it to get it unloaded and cleared.  It’s less than ideal.
Where the 870 wins is it’s steel construction verses aluminum, and the fact that you can easier run a pistol grip… if you are Right Handed, and you don’t have prehensile thumbs.  But really, we make space ships, fighter jets, baseball bats, and armored fighting vehicles out of aluminum… so I don’t think the Steel of the 870 is really that big of an advantage anymore.  It does make the gun a bit heavier, and that’s not too bad in a shotgun… but… now this is more personal taste than any actual advantage.
Now enter in the Magpul stock to the equation.  The stock has these spacers that you can put in, or pull out, that let’s you set the length of pull to be just right for you and how you want your gun set up.  It also allows a perfect positioning of your shooting hand’s thumb to work the safety as needed – Left or Right handed.  The stock’s shape also manages the Gauge’s Recoil very well… making it handle very well while firing.  It might be different in the way it feels when holding the gun and walking around… but when you shoulder it and raise that gun up onto target – it all comes together.  This is the way a shotgun should be.
So… Yes… I am a Mossberg fan.  Specifically, the 590 series.  A 590 with a Magpul Stock is my Shotgun of Choice now.

7 thoughts on “Gone Mossy”

  1. Concur Orgre, did a Two day tactical shot gun course last year, ran an 870 with a pistol grip the first day and a 590A1 with Magpul furniture the second day. Since I have short hobbit arms I was able to get the length of pull just where I needed it with the Mossy and I found the manual of arms to be more intuitive. So, I bought the 590A1, excellent tactical shotgun.

  2. I also converted my 870 the same way, looks like they could be cousins. One of the biggest draws for me is MAGPULS adjustable stock. I need a longer length of pull for mode comfortable shooting and now I have it.

    I also put he Magpul Hunter X-22 Takedown on my Ruger 10/22 T/D. Now I have an adult size stock.

  3. The Mossy’s aluminum receiver doesn’t bother me as 12ga is a low pressure cartridge and, I assume, the bolt locks into the barrel rather than the receiver as on an 870. I just sold a Turkish manufactured 12ga(Charles Daly) that locked up in such a manner. I really do prefer the Mossy safety location. I’m seriously considering a 590 Mariner, 9 round capacity and the Marinecoat finish are the main selling points for me.

    I am somewhat disappointed though that there are no SG’s on the market(that I’m aware of) which still allow slamfire. On the rare occasions I still shoot skeet, I love busting doubles with my Winchester Model 12 as fast, as the guys with O/U’s. Sometimes faster.

  4. Ogre-san, since you’re back on the subject of firearms, who would be your choice for mounting a Trijicon RMR on a Glock frame? ATEi, Unity Tactical, Suarez(yeah I know) or some other? I want to get a gen3 done, so the “MOS” is out. Plus, after handling one, I’m not too keen on the adapter plates Glock uses on the “MOS”. I’d rather have it custom fitted.

  5. I have to agree with the MO 100% about the 500. The 870 was the cream of the crop for years. Then entered the 870 Express. Ejection problems galore. Rust problems galore. I had to return one three time because it wouldn’t eject shells. A pump that won’t eject! Really? But it was a common problem with them for awhile. After third trip back to Remington the LGS let me exchange it for a Winchester SXP, the fastest, smoothest and easiest pump out there right now IMHO. Back to the 500… I have a field/slug combo that has been flawless and my wife has a 500 cruiser with the pistol grip in 410. With heavy bird shot, buck shot, even the non lethal buckshot it’s a formidable HD weapon and no recoil on her wrist. And who in their right minds keeps walking towards you after hearing the pump sound? She might not hear for a couple of days if she pulls the trigger but it’s 100% effective. Mossie’s just go bang every time without problems and the ambidextrous safety is just gravy on top.

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