Triumph Street Triple 765 RS

The new 2017 Triumph Street Triple 765 RS is going to turn out to be the Bike of Choice for the Rider Aficionado.  It will be one of the best new motorcycles of the year, and it’s going to be… already is… a huge Home Run for Triumph Motorcycles.  Now, let’s look at the numbers a bit… This bike has 123 horsepower, which is a big increase for the Street Triple… and it’s 5 pounds lighter than the outgoing bike.  Lighter, with gobs more power.  But at what expense?  

I’m pleased to say, nothing.  It’s not even a very expensive bike.  The top of the line RS version retails at only 12, 500!

I was lucky enough to get the chance to ride the 765 RS at the Homestead Miami Speedway.   And I fell in love with it.   Before I could ride it, I had to sign a liability waiver that basically said if I crash and got hurt, I wouldn’t sue Triumph.  It didn’t say I had to buy the bike if I crashed it… So I rode it like I stole it!

I was grouped with a bunch of Pro Riders as there was only just a couple of us that raised our hands as “Intermediate”.  Since there was only a couple Intermediates, they just grouped us with the Pro’s. And I was thinking “Whoa, wait a sec here!”  But this is a Triumph and my inner Churchill told me to just “Keep a stiff upper lip and carry on.”  So I was determined to Ride! After a lap or two to warm myself up, getting to know the track… I really HIT IT. 

I’ve never ridden a bike so hard before.  I was hitting the Rev Limiter in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Gear.  I didn’t have enough straight to reach the limiter above that, because at that level you are flying at warp factor 10 and are hitting the brakes for the next turn.  I was looking for weakness in the bike.  Looking for Warts.  Looking for something that could be improved.  I couldn’t find anything.  The suspension was spot on.  The brakes were amazing.  The handling was solid.  The Diablo Super Corsas were the ideal choice… because you can really push this bike.  You can brake later, brake harder, dive into that curve, and with popping down one gear and pinning the throttle, you can rocket out of the curve faster than you can the outgoing Street Triple… which was already blisteringly fast.  

I think the new 765 RS is also a very good looking bike.  As far as the Naked Sports go… It’s one of my favorites.  Especially in the silver/gray colors.  The red highlights really set it off.  Other little details work perfectly well… The Bar End Mirrors actually allow you to use the mirrors to see behind you, which seems to be a novel idea to most bike makers.  The small fly screen above the headlights moves enough air off the rider to be appreciated.    This is one of the few bikes coming out that I wouldn’t change a thing on the bike.  It’s fine as is.

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  1. Good review. I got to ride ( briefly ) one of the first generation Street Triples that belonged to a good friend of my son. That was a pretty impressive motorcycle even back then. The young man was just back from a tour in Iraq and wanted to buy American but he gave up his Buell after less than six months. He’s been on Triumphs and BMW’s ever since and you just can’t get the grin off his face.

  2. …my inner Churchill told me to just “Keep a stiff upper lip and carry on.”

    Another memorable line!

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