Killer Deal on the SIG ROMEO 4c

romeo4c1I just got another Romeo 4c, and this one is now topping Project Kahlan.   The Burris Fastfire, which I also like, has been moved over to Elizebeta… my late Brother Zach’s AK-47.  The Fastfire is better suited to the AK, thanks to it’s more compact nature and lower mounting capability with the current rail situation.    (Photos will come late)

What I like about the 4c version of the Romeo, is the Solar Powered backup to for the battery, which has a 50,000 hour run time.  It has two reticle options, a 2 moa Dot or an Eotech style circle dot.  Quick Detach.  Insane lifetime warranty that is basically saying if anything happens, they’ll replace it, no questions asked.  Which is awesome.

The optic is super clear and bright for a Red Dot, and even with my bad eyes, I can see the dot nice and crisp.   I like these little optics better than the vogue T1 or T2 Micros.   SIG’s Electro Optics are very good… and with that lifetime warranty?  Getting one is a No Brainer.   For Project Kahlan, and any future firearm that I want a Red Dot for – I’m getting the Romeo 4c’s for them from now on.

I got this Romeo 4c from my good friend Steve, who has several more for sale at his store,   Now, if you want one too… Go there, and at Checkout enter Coupon Code “MADOGRE” for a nice discount.

8 thoughts on “Killer Deal on the SIG ROMEO 4c”

  1. I’m really liking these Sig red-dots. The specs seem great, as well as the initial reviews. I do hope that Sig keeps them around, unlike their earlier re-branded optics, and honors any warranty issues. I’m not going to jump on one just yet as my AimPoint PRO is still alive and kicking, but I think it would work really well on a lightweight upper. The price and 60% weight reduction(over the PRO) is a hell of a selling point. If you could get an in-depth review up, it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. SIG has invested heavily into their optic line, headhunting guys from other great optics companies.

  2. So is it truly made by Sig, or is it a rebranding of a Holosun? I am digging what sig is doing, their ammo line is pretty legit from what I have found, so if these truly are Sig products, that is great! It is also awesome that Steve is offering a healthy discount on them. That being said, I have drank the koolaid that is the Trijicon MRO, and it taste mighty fine at only $100 more than the Sig and made in the USA has a nice ring to it. Either way though, I do hope Sig keeps putting out new stuff that can keep up with their deserved reputation!

    1. Holosun is the manufacturer of these Red Dots, yes. But everything else in SIG’s optics line is in house.
      Now, unlike the other red dots Holosun makes that don’t have SIG’s name on them – they don’t carry SIG’s warranty. And they are not quite the same as the SIG 4C model. I think the lower models are the same, but not the 4C or the Military version.
      The MRO is a very nice sight. I can’t fault you for getting one at all.

  3. Can you recommend any optics for those of us with deficient color vision? Red and green are the colors I have the most trouble with.

    1. I’d suggest something with an Etched Reticle, that has an illumination dot in the reticle… A Prismatic sight.
      Leupold has a good one… One version is Hunting, the other is Tactical… The Tactical is the on you want.
      But a good Prismatic will be your best bet.

  4. Incorrect halosun is not the manufacture and the internals and circuitry is completely different. Just to set the record straight.

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