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I stopped by Carolina Arms Group today to sign a copy of UPRISING USA for Jim, and while I was there, I got the chance to examine the completion of a very special 4 gun set.

These two were complete and the other two were getting final touches done.
Absolutely flawless. Now, CAG has a lot of very cool new things coming… things that I’m sworn to secrecy on, so I wont tell. Even if the NDA is a Handshake, it’s still an NDA, so I’m not saying anything other than this… Give CAG a Like, follow them on FB. Because you are going to want to keep your eye on them.
There is one new thing about to drop that I CAN talk about.
CAG is going to be releasing Fire Control Parts that you can order to be put into your gun. I’ve examined these… FANTASTIC. You are going to want to put these on your gun. Machined from forged billet stainless and absolutely the top quality you would expect from CAG. Also slides and pretty much everything you need to build your 1911 save for the Frames. And since not all of us are Gunsmiths – you will be able to send in your 1911 and CAG’s own Gunsmiths will give you their FEEL THE DIFFERENCE treatment.  All of the services will of course be on a menu for pricing and such. So bookmark this page too:

7 thoughts on “Carolina Arms Group 1911’s”

  1. Thanks for the autograph, George. I really appreciate it 😎
    I’m looking forward to shooting my new Veteran Carry. My wife and I were very impressed by Carolina’s people and facility. Thanks again Mark and Ed, and the staff that took time to explain and demonstrate their meticulous handwork.

    1. Sorry I couldn’t have come up and met you there. I’ve been very ill. But I’m healing and will be able to next time!
      And if you don’t like that pistol, send it to me and I’ll be a good Foster Parent for it!
      Also – I didn’t take a photo of yours because it was getting the finish applied.

  2. I poked around their website a bit, mostly looking at the pictures. You can see the quality in the work, the fit and finish is impeccable. The one thing I don’t understand, however, is why the pistols you show above have bob-tailed frames(meant for carry) yet also have adjustable target sights. I’m sorry, maybe it was a request from a customer, but it just seems wrong. I don’t trust adjustable sights on a fighting pistol. They just seem too delicate.

    1. You hear Gun Writers talk about that a lot… That adjustable sights are fragile.
      Honestly – that’s utter bullshit. Most Battle Rifles have adjustable sights, don’t they?
      I’ve seen only a few handguns with adjustable sights that were broken… And in both cases it involved the gun being thrown.
      I’ve seen more problems with fixed sights actually. The white dot in my own HK pistol disappeared in firing. And more than a couple fixed rears that drifted out or even flew off.

      1. I’ve personally experienced adjustable sights failing. The rear sight on my Colt Gold Cup, which came factory with similar sights to the pistols above, failed when the pin at the front that allows for elevation adjustment fell out. This was not a carry gun, but a safe queen that was well taken care of. It also wasn’t the first one I’ve seen. It just seems, IMHO, that less parts means less failure points.

        I also don’t see a need for such precise sight adjustment on a carry pistol, as I can not justify taking a defensive shot at any great distance. Sure I love ringing the 150 yard plate on the family range with my colt, but I’ve also done it with my fixed sight Glock and CZ.

        Rifles/carbines are a different animal all together. Adjustable sights on long guns tend to be far more robust than those for pistols because the extra weight and bulk isn’t substantial on a 5+LB firearm. Add in the fact that they are designed to fire longer distances, usually in the several hundred yard range, the adjustment is needed.

        Again, this is just my personal opinion based on my experiences with such sights. I do see a place for them, but don’t see any advantage that outweighs the possibility of failure when used on a defensive pistol. And I have also seen fixed sights fail. Most have been the junk factory Glock plastic sights(including breaking clean off), or Tritium vials/fiber optic rods falling out of aftermarket sighs. I have yet to see a failure of simple, steel, 3 dot sights that were properly installed.

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