I’m no longer in the Gun Industry, under any capacity.

I’ve ended all my consultation agreements, and I’m closing all those accounts within the firearms industry.   I’m done with everything having to do with guns, professionally.   I’m “Out”.   However, I will continue with my interests in firearms as a hobby.  I’m venturing into a new career in the Motorcycle industry with Triumph, BMW, and Ducati.  So you will continue see some gun related content, but a lot more about motorcycles.

15 thoughts on “I’m no longer in the Gun Industry, under any capacity.”

  1. Yea the gun industry is one of those either “love it” or “hate it” deals. All those people who wish or say that they would do anything to get into the gun industry really don’t know what they would be getting themselves into. It’s not all that it’s cracked up to be for the majority of the “insiders.” I know you’ll thrive in whatever you decide to do.

  2. I hope you continue writing fiction!
    Things change, that’s life.
    Who promised his Sainted Momma he would stay off motorcycles.

  3. Good luck with your new venture. Thanks for the commentary and stories.

    FYI, Ed D called me from Carolina Arms last week. They may ship my new Veteran later this week.

  4. I know you don’t owe us an explanation, but some of us would like to know why the sudden change. Straight, factual information on highlights within the industry is difficult to find these days, and your perspective will be missed.


    1. This change is not sudden. It’s actually been a long time coming. The constant shooting has given me tinnitus, which has lead to meniere’s disease. Staying in longer than I should have – especially at an Indoor Range – was a mistake.
      I’ll still throw down my opinion on things as I always do. But moving forward – it will be from the outside looking in. And that being the case, you know I’ve no skin in the game if a product wins or fails.

  5. I’ve not read you long, but came to appreciate your unbiased authority and expertise regarding fire arms and much more. You stepped up and stepped out, when others appear to remain silent, with your opinions predicated knowledge and education on your chosen subjects. In payment for the knowledge I received I can only say ‘thank you’ as I look forward to your future articals.

  6. Best wishes in your new endeavor. Guns and Bikes are definitely two of my favorites. Now, please think about add cigars and booze to your postings!

  7. I’m saving up for a s1000xr. Riding a tiger 800 now. Never ride without body armor , white helmet and a hi-viz jacket.
    Gonna miss your reviews. Speed safely

    1. I’ll still write a gun review now and then. I’ve only given up the industry as a profession.

      The XR is an incredible machine. It’s every bit a Superbike, but comfortable to ride. I like them a lot.

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