Star Trek Beyond


The first two Star Trek movies that Rebooted the Franchise really nailed it. This one, though… Well… it had potential. Right up to the point where the Enterprise sailed (sailed?) into it’s first – and last – battle. And then it just when full pants on the head retarded. It introduced a potentially cool new character and then seemed only to make her a bleached Xena Warrior Princess… No, wait… that gives it too much credit. A tall blond and hot Ewok.
Then to defeat the crazy powerful enemy that shredded the Enterprise, their old outdated ship that barely made it off the ground – blasts BEASTY BOYS which causes all the badguys save the Boss to Self Destruct because of the savage beats of the song “Sabotage”. All while the All Powerful Enemy is forming a perfect surfing wave formation for the old ship to Hang 10 through… because we all know that that is by far the best attack formation in space.
Then when get to the final Kirk v Boss Fight, we find that the enemy is Idris Elba who goes all Black Lives Matter protesting in the shiny new space city…. And ends up killing himself with his super evil weapon of evil before he can even loot one big screen.
Idris Elba could have brought so much more to the film and the whole franchise… but no… they went and… did this.
Here’s the thing. I’ve been loving the new Trek films… But this took the new Crew all the way back to Voyage Home levels of stupid and really just kinda gave the new fans like me, the middle finger and reminded us why we never liked Trek in the first place.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond”

  1. They destroyed the enterprise, again?
    I wonder if they’ll find “god” on another planet again.

    1. They did… But no worries! They immediately built another one, with the same bow numbers, and put the crew the lost the last one, into the new one.

  2. Most of the indie films are much better in terms of story development and remaining true to the ethos of Trek. Check Utube for them some of them are over an hour long and Paramount tried to stop them from being made because they were/are so good they threaten the cash cow that Trek has be come for the corps.

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