Rest in Peace, Zachary.

168024_1747442679284_1674515_nMy little Brother, Zachary Hill passed away suddenly and unexpectedly this morning. He leaves behind his sweet young bride, Mackenzie Hadlow Hill.
Please pray for her.
Zack is a gentile soul with big heart, an Artist, and was a two tour Combat Veteran. A true Warrior Poet… that always sought Peace. He loved to play games and chill with his family and friends. And he was a prolific writer.
Zack was also a Traveler… He adventured in other countries… Through Mexico, Japan, and Italy. Now he’s gone to the Undiscovered Country.
While he’s away from us for the time being, we know we will see him again.
This is a time of great faith and pain for the Hill Family. Zachary Hill is already sorely missed. We’ve wept for him ever since we got the terrible news. I have never wept so much or felt heartache so much. I’ve wept till I was sick and am still weeping. Zach wasn’t just a brother, he was also a dear friend.
Here’s something about us Mormons though… We believe that families are eternal. And our circles of friends are too. Those relationships we have on Earth will be the possessions we will always keep.
Humans do not have Souls, we ARE Souls and what we have are bodies. And while Zach left his body, he is still and will always be Zach. And one day we will see him again. He is still my Brother. And he always will be. While we are grieving, Deveni Hill and I believe that he too is grieving for having to leave behind his friends, his family and his new bride, Mackenzie Hadlow Hill. He would not have wanted to leave her now. But he had to… Our Father in Heaven has a plan for Zach, as he does for all of us. But things happen for a reason and it’s our struggle to make sense of it in this mortal world… through our limited and narrow optics that are full of confusion, distraction, and pain.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ… When you look at all of it in total… What is it all for? Just so we can one day kneel at his throne? No… That’s not what it is all about. It’s all about Love. It’s all about Family. It’s all about our personal relationships with those we love and how we can be together forever. I truly believe that. And it gives me comfort. Though I still grieve painfully… Zach always has been, and always will be, my brother.

We miss you, Zach.  We love you.

Paul Genesse has set up a GOFUNDME for Zach’s Widow.   She needs all the support she can get in this painful time.

20 thoughts on “Rest in Peace, Zachary.”

  1. George, I can’t imagine how you and your family is feeling but I’ll continue to pray for you and yours to help deal with all that you are having to go through. You are blessed with a close knit family and there is no better who to take comfort in times of grief.

  2. This is a shock. There isn’t much anyone can say that really makes a dent, except that your friends are with you and your family.

    Let me also say I’m inspired by your faith. That’s something that’s always answered; and I really believe it’s a support – an easing of the way – for the one passing over.

    Our prayers will be with you.

  3. So sorry for you loss. Healing and help to you and your family. Please accept my sincere condolences.

  4. This was quite a shock, George. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Just know that you and your family are in my prayers.
    Stay strong, my friend. God is with you.

  5. George, this may well be the most awesome post to date at . Through it we feel your pain and sorrow but your faith and that of your family inspires us all. Zachary will be missed by all who knew him. All of your family are in our thoughts and prayers in the days to come.

  6. So sorry for your loss. I enjoyed his site, Minimum Wage Historian and briefly interacted with him regarding one of his early books I purchased. He seemed to have a real passion for improving as a writer. Again, condolences.

  7. My condolences to you and your family. Just saw a nice tribute at Monster Hunter Nation. Zach was quite a guy.

  8. George, may the Lord bless you and your family in this time of sorrow. I lost my son thirteen years ago and think of him every day and rest in the truth that we will be together again. These are the losses that cause us to reassess what’s important in life and to refocus on our blessings.

  9. Late to seeing this tragic report, George. I am so sorry. You, your family and his widow are very much in my prayers.

    It is about love as you say We are all blessed to have shared our lives with those we love and who have loved us. May you meet and be reunited in love in the kingdom to come with our Lord, Jesus Christ.

  10. My Sincere condolences for the passing of your brother.

    With your family and friends there to support each other you will get through this.

    Words are never enough at a time like this but some comfort comes in knowing with the good works he has done in this life he is in a better place.

    Again, my condolences.


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