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The new 1911 Maker in North Carolina is Carolina Arms Group.    These guns are legit.  I’d put them right up there with Les Baer and Ed Brown.


The actions, triggers, overall fitment – flawless.  Very smooth.  Great triggers… These are everything you want in a 1911.


Now, CAG is a new company so they don’t have that name and reputation.   But if you know 1911’s and how they should be built – and not just Name Dropping and Marketing Buzzwords… and you examine a CAG 1911… You’ll know these are exquisite 1911’s.20150829_095841I took the opportunity to test fire their new Commander Length pistol.   It was flawless.   Cycled perfectly, and it didn’t just shoot point of aim – point of impact…. It was like it shot to “Point of Will”.  It was telekinetic… Exactly like a fine 1911 should be.   I wanted to put a round “THERE” and the round went there.  You are not just hitting your target… you are placing your shots on the target where you want them to go.

These guns are built with all premium level parts… Everything is forged billet.  Nothing even remotely MIM or Cast like how some high level 1911 makers are sneaking into their production… These are true custom built 1911’s.
The Price does reflect that… Around 3 Large.  But you really do get what you pay for here.   These guns are right up there with the very best.


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  1. Granted, the trigger guards aren’t bug enough to accommodate the big toe. That’s why I run drills using the pinky toe.

  2. Mark, who creates these masterpieces, is OCD meticulous about materials, manufacturing and precision. He has a history in the pistol business, and has decided to play 1911s with the big boys. The level of materials and craftsmanship at CAG is the ultimate. These are truly individually hand-crafted at the highest level of proficiency.

    Were I you, I would take one over four Glocks, HELL yes. Over 8 Glocks, frankly, and I like Glocks.

    Ask your local gun shop to get one in for you to handle, you will not regret it. (The Black Trenton, of course.)

  3. I somehow got linked in to a picture of their first sale, and looked at the website before it was finished, I wish all my money was not gone. These look like heirloom quality 1911, that you can carry.

    1. They are. These are shockingly good 1911’s. The shock is that these are not stamped Ed Brown or Terry Tussy.

  4. I have followed this company for a while. I bought one of there Trenton Stainless Guns and Wow! I am very impressed. It shot outstanding right out of the gun bag. The quality is above board I could not believe how tight the slide to frame is. It feels like they glide on one another. They also recommend bolt lube so I picked up a package of it and I’m impressed. Those guys really know what they are doing. I just wished it came with a set of night sights. I recommended to my brother in law and he is trying to get one sent to him in Illinois. Tom called them its a bummer they don’t sell to the public.

    1. Have Tom call Point Blank Range in Mooresville or South Charlotte – either store. PBR is a stocking CAG Dealer, and will get him hooked up with what he wants., Tell them I sent you. 😉

  5. Please email me. I’m working on Marketing for Mark McCoy (CAG). I’m also the Director of Marketing for a new riflescope company. I shoot USPSA, 3 gun, etc, drink beer, and have a Malinois 🙂 Look me up on FB. Just need your contact email for press releases. Nothing else.
    Many thanks for all that you do,
    Carmen Lout

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