President Trump or Sanders?

Like him or not, Donald Trump has a realistic shot at becoming President Trump.  It’s very early still, but I think the concept of a President Donald is something we’re going to have to get used to.

Personally, I don’t like him.  But this isn’t about my opinion, this is about a very possible reality.  See, Donald is offering something that most of the other candidates are lacking… Leadership.  Donald Trump is looking more and more like America’s Capitalist version of Putin.  That strong Leadership is something that the American People on a whole are starved for… so when they see it in a guy as smarmy as Trump, they latch on with their teeth and don’t want to let go.

Really, what would a Trump Presidency look like and would America be worse off for it?  I’m not sure what it would look like… but I do think that the USA would benefit from it.  Someone from a business background is needed for sure… I know that much.  I still think we really missed out on Mitt Romney and our Economy  has suffered for it.  But Trump has the business chops to make up for that.  If he doesn’t piss off every other nation in the world.  Of course, every other nation in the world is already pissed off because of Obama and a bowl of left over soup would make a better President than Obama.

So maybe that’s where we are… At the bottom of the barrel so anything would be a bounce back up.  It’s just a question of how high we can bounce this.

Ted Cruz though… I really like Ted Cruz.  I think out of all the Candidates, he is “The Best Man For The Job.”  But he’s just not rolling with the traction The Donald has…. right now.  This could change.  But here’s the problem.
The Donald is a big enough ass that if he doesn’t get the GOP Nomination – he will run 3rd Party.   If he does that, the Conservative Vote will be drastically split and ANY Democrat Candidate will win by a landslide just for showing up.  Which makes a President Bernie Sanders actually likely.  I think Hillary is going to go down, and that will leave the self proclaimed Socialist with a Cake Walk into the Oval Office…  Because the Government is leaning that way thanks to this 8 years of Obama.   Socialism has a very strong following and there are powers that be that want this.  It could happen.
This is what I am afraid of.   A blatant Socialist for our President. President Sanders.   Someone who will finish the destruction of the US Constitution, someone who will destroy the Bill of Rights.  And Bernie Sanders is just the guy that can figurehead this.   The man disgusts me to no end…. and I am throwing bones that show that this guy could actually become our President.  I feel sick to my stomach.
And it’s going to be because of Donald Trump… unless we back up Donald Trump and push his win.   Other 3rd party threats – not threats.  But a 3rd Party Trump?   We’re going to get Bernie Sanders.

17 thoughts on “President Trump or Sanders?”

  1. The Republicans need rebooted. If Trump is the instrument of their destruction, I’ll happily vote for him.

  2. I’m not sure Donald is offering leadership. He’s loud, and he’s inflammatory, but I’m not sure he’s proven any leadership abilities except that he’s apparently pretty good at scaring the other candidates. Which is fun to watch but really doesn’t say anything about how he’d run America.

    Yeah, he’s built a good business but he also started out with hundreds of millions of daddy’s money. It’s not very hard to grow a fortune when you’ve got that much to play with. The only difference between him and the rest of the old money is that he’s louder.

    So it’s nice that he’s shaking things up, I guess. But I don’t feel like I’ve seen any indication that he’d have the right stuff to be presidential. Just a lot of talk about how we have to vote for him because everyone else is worse.

  3. Trump has appeal on account of him having balls. Balls to say whatever he feels needs said, and then stand behind it. THAT is what people are attracted to, and that is what makes him similar to Putin.

    Putin parades around shirtless, and treats Obama like his b**** because he is a Real Man. Obama is not, and let’s be honest, no other candidate for the oval office is. People are starved for that, so when Trump comes along with a pair, they snap him up.

    Trump is not the best candidate. Not even the best Republican. As you point out, however, Hillary Clinton is far from the worst.

    Romney was the best that had been offered for a Long time. He was not elected because the average American was jealous of him. That he had, and they did not. So… This country got what they deserved for four more years.

  4. The trouble with republicans, is that they’re terrified of what the media might say about them.

    Trump, doesn’t care.

    I love that.

    1. That is an advantage… But it also means that he’s not thinking about what he’s saying. Maybe that’s a good thing.

  5. That man CANNOT ever be allowed to be Commander-in-chief. I’m no fan of McCain either, but watching him disrespect our POWs like that was nothing short of disgusting. A vote for Trump is a slap in the face to our troops.

    1. I’m still at a loss here. Trump pointed out that McCain (spit) would be a nobody if he hadn’t been conveniently shot down and captured.

      That’s a pretty weak “slap in the face to our troops”. I didn’t feel it…

  6. Bernie sanders has NO zilch.
    Trump won’t get the nomination. Why? To long to tell you but if you want to know why google ed Rollins on trump getting the nomination. Ed Rollins was Reagans campaign manager and also Ross perots. Very interesting read. I thought hillary was a lock to get the nomination and the presidency. But I’m not so sure after obama sicked the justice dept and fbi on her. The attorney general never made a move without Obama’s ok. E.g. irs scandal. So it’s gonna be Biden vs
    Bush. Check out the British bookies odds on the election. And the ed Rollins article.

  7. As things stand now, I agree with Ogre that the best, most qualified candidate is the relatively obscure, for now, Ted Cruz. I hope he catches fire over time. He is by nature, reserved, but when he opens his mouth, his conviction, sincerity, consistency and his intellect shine. He demonstrates the thoughtful, but decisive leadership I look for in a President.

    While my views may change as this race emerges, Cruz really impresses me.

    1. Agreed. Cruz has the intellect and the experience to actually do the job if he gets it and the temperament necessary to deal with a recalcitrant congress. He’s enough of a chess player to give Trump fits in a debate too.
      His recent switch from the immigration kerfuffle to the Planned Parenthood issue leaves him the only candidate that’s not down in the mud wrestling with Trump over the term “anchor baby” and he’s getting some traction because of it.
      I think that philosophically he has no issue with what Trump is saying but recognizes that the larger than life persona of Trump tends to suck all the oxygen out of whatever room he’s in.

    1. Do you really think a Trump-Anybody ticket will function as anything other than a pure Trump ticket? A VP’s responsibilities and input are largely at the President’s discretion. Trump is many things but a team player is not one of them and I don’t think being leader of the free world is going to improve that.

  8. The real issue here is that Trump was not willing to rule out a third party run, despite the known consequences of such an action…why?

    I believe it’s because Trump is about what’s best for Trump, not what’s best for the country. If it was about what was best for the country, he wouldn’t entertain such a notion. His political donations and positions in the past were always about what was best for HIM at the time.

    IF he gets the GOP nomination, I’d once again have to hold my nose and pull the lever, because the alternatives are much worse.

    (FWIW, I also believe Cruz would by far be the best choice. I just got done reading his book and think he’s exactly what we need right now.)

  9. I am keeping Cruz’s book, A Time for Truth”, which I finished reading a couple weeks ago, on the same ready access nightstand bookshelf as my Bible and my copy of the United States Constitution, if that tells you anything about me.

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