SIG Rising

There has been a lot of chatter about SIG’S quality control lately.  Statements that call it to question.
SIG started this themselves when they started offering a lot of 3rd party crap with the SIG stamp on it.  Holsters,  cheap Red Dots, bulky, overpriced lights… terrible stuff.
But this is mostly all in the past now and SIG has learned that lesson and taken it to heart.  What they are doing now is incredible.
SIG wants to be the best.  They want to offer the best to the American Gun Owner.  And to this right, they have to do it themselves.   This means they are bringing things in house. 
Optics.  SIG is quietly making some amazing optics, after headhunting the best talent in the USA for the project.
SIG is also rolling very high quality ammunition.
The QC on their guns remains stringent.   Any 22X gun is going to be top quality.   Questioning maybe their rimfire stuff… debatable.  But SIG’s core gun lines have never faltered.  And honestly probably better than ever.  Better than even the legendary “German Stamped” guns.  Yes, I went there.   I’d happily take a new M11 pistol over any German marked 228 or the like.  I have full faith and confidence in SIG firearms.  And SIG is one of the very few gun makers I’d bet my life on.

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  1. I had a German (not W German) marked P228. Hell of a gun. No problems that weren’t magazine or shooter related for two and a half years until the breech block roll pin started to back out. I blame high round count for that: I must’ve put at least 3k rounds through the pistol since I bought it, probably more. My only complaint besides the roll pin problem was that the grip was just a bit to wide for me, so I traded it in towards a brand-new CZ-75b.

    On the other hand, I had a 2012-production P232 that kept breaking its takedown lever every couple hundred rounds. Came to discover that the problem was endemic to recent-production P232s, especially the 2012 guns. Seemed to be a combination of the takedown lever and pin being made of poor-quality MIM and out-of-spec frames slipping through QC (hopes for the pins were not alligned). That’s what I get for impulse buying instead of doing the research first.

    And while the new-production 22x guns I’ve handled looked and shot just fine, the fit and finish was never even close to my P228.

    Granted, it’s been a while since I’ve handled a SIG of any vintage, so I’ll take your word that they’re back on the ball. That said, there’s still a bad taste in my mouth from the P232 fiasco. I think it’ll be a good long time before I consider buying another SIG.

  2. My EDC is an M11a1. When I need to go smaller, Sig 938. Wife carries a Sig 238. All three guns are extremely reliable and we are big Sig fans. That said, on the occasions I decide to carry my H&K P7, that feels good too.

      1. Heavy indeed, and because of the gun’s design, it tends to be butt-heavy. It’s not a warm weather gun unless I’m in a situation where a sport coat is appropriate. Even IWB, there’s a lot of gun outside the holster.

  3. The only SIG I currently own is a P 250 . It has been dead nuts reliable and accurate to boot. Sort of like a revolver with a magazine. Apparently the Dutch contract pistols had some problems but you couldn’t prove it by me.

    That said I might be able to see a P 320 in my future. That is one nice trigger.

  4. I have been on the verge of getting a 226 for some time now but Its a shame the company has a ” reliable line ” and an unreliable line. My p238 was an accurate little jewel but a complete jamomatic. I tried everything including sending the gun back. Would have sent it back a second time but it was obvious from the number of others having the same problems that Sig didnt know how to fix it either.

  5. Most of the firearms on my wish list are SIG made. The 556XI, the MPX, the P320 and the 716DMR specifically. SIG might be having some problems but it seems everyone is today. Even Glock had a recall. But SIG and Glock will make it right. Even HK has come a long way with their customer service.

  6. I love my P938 Scorpion. I took it to a Vitals of Handgun 1 & 2 with Daniel Shaw, and it broke there. The sear broke and wouldn’t let me put the gun back on safe. After sending it off, and getting a one week turn around, I haven’t had any issues with it. I LOVE this little gun. It is both, comforting, and comfortable.

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