The Match Champion.


This is one of the very best firearms purchases I’ve ever made in my entire life.  As far as revolvers go, the Match Champion is the pinnacle of the wheelgun genre.    Designed to be a competitor to S&W’s SSR revolver… it is… but it’s more than that.

The sights, the chamfered cylinder, the trigger work… This is beyond something for mere gun games.  Ruger just made the most serious production fighting revolver they have ever put out.  The only thing that could make this better as a combat weapon, would be to subdue the stainless.  And really for most purposes and situations, that’s not an issue.  20150724_122217

In making this gun, Ruger certainly put a shot over S&W’s bow… or actually… a full Broadsides.  This is beyond Smith’s SSR.  I’d even say it’s going head to head against Smith’s R8/TRR8.  Advantage to the Smith with 8 rounds in the cylinder… But the Smith can’t handle the loads that the GP100 can load.  In the long run, the MC will still be shooting full throttle loads while the Smith is laid up, crippled, and begging for a merciful end.20150724_122238

And the Ruger is hands down a better looking gun.  It’s lines are gorgeous.  That Grip is just sexy.  It feels good in a way S&W will never understand.  Power and Glory.  The MC has it.  The MC is made of it.   If you have been thinking about getting a Revolver.  This is the one to get.



15 thoughts on “The Match Champion.”

  1. They did already. The 4.2 in. Redhawk, will handle .45 Colt and .45 ACP in full moon clips. And the Long Colt’s can be loaded out to low-end .454 Casull, and handle it.
    So ya got fast reloads with moons for defence, or heavy stuff for large critters with teeth. What’s not to like?

  2. So now you have me wanting another gun I don’t need. Under $700 on Gun Broker. Lot of gun for the money.

  3. The new Model 66 from S&W is also very nice. Trigger is a bit heavy but smooth. It’s a nicely constructed wheelgun.

    I agree the Match Champion looks very good.

  4. I don’t know why, given the dissimilar design, but this revolver evokes memories of how beautiful and finely crafted the early Dan Wesson revolvers were in the ’60’s and 70’s before the company got in financial trouble. I always salivated for one of those and never took the plunge.

    1. Dan Wesson made a fine gun. That wasn’t the problem.
      The problem was that they didn’t now how to market it. They promoted their all inclusive kits – which were just flat out hellaexpensive at the time. Looking back at those prices – we’re all like “I’d buy 3”. But those dollars back then were bigger and stronger than our dollars now.

  5. 1. Is $665 plus tax seems to be a good price, no?
    2. What’s the most practical carry option type holster for it? OWB? I’ll mostly use this when I’m outdoors. Thx

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