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20150730_150111 20150730_150137 20150730_150156 20150730_150213I’ve now spent 24 hours with my new Texas rig from Adams Holsters. I wore it last night, and I’ve been wearing it since I put on my pants this morning. What a great rig. Simple. I like that. I don’t need or want a complicated holster. I don’t want a system. I want a simple scabbard. This IWB rig is just that. The leather is beautifully finished and well formed. My Ruger SP101 pops into place and pops out like this was Kydex or something. Retention is not an issue because of that fit. The Clips are made of a spring-steel and are quite solid. I’m not worried about bending them like I am on other holsters. Comfort? Yeah, it’s comfortable. Concealable? Extremely. Last night I wore this rig and my gun with just a T-Shirt over it and I asked my wife if she could see it.
“No, I can’t… even knowing what to look for, there’s no bulge even.”
I’ll not tell you the rest of the conversation about her looking at my bulge… But the fact remains this rig keeps the gun very concealed. It holds the gun very tight against the body.
Comfortable… Concealable…
This is everything you want in a concealment rig.

7 thoughts on “Adams Holsters Texas Rig”

  1. I will attest to both the Texas’ comfort, and the fact that yes, you can get good concealment with just a t-shirt over the gun. I do it every day in the summer. Luke makes amazing rigs.

  2. I have one of those (as well as an OWB) for my K Frames. I agree it works very well — I use mine all the time.

  3. Query: Would you recommend the Texas iwb for the GP 100 match champion as well? Would you consider it “doable” with just a t shirt and concealment boot grips added?

    Seriously considering this as my next carry gun.

    1. Doable? Yes. It is. But I’m getting my GP100 MC rig in an OWB style. Lucas has ordered what he needs for that gun… so he’ll be able to make whatever you need.

      1. Thanks, Ogre!

        My personal preferences are iwb only, so it’s nice to know that my preferred carry method should work with that model of firearm. I love a Luke Adams rig, wouldn’t use anything else.

    2. I have carried a K-frame snub that way before, and I can’t think that two additional inches of barrel would have been much harder to conceal. (A BHP, for instance, conceals just fine)

      Under just a t-shirt, the grips would be my concern. Of course, they could always be switched for smaller ones, but at that point is it really a MC?

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