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The FNH FNX 45 is one of the top contenders in the debate about what the new military pistol should be.   20150708_133345 It’s big, accurate, has a high capacity, and as reliable as the sunrise.   It would be a great sidearm for any of our nation’s warriors.20150708_133404

Unless that warrior had small hands.  Even with the replaceable backstraps… it’s still a large pistol to hold on to for a lot of people. 20150708_133522  Many would not be able to operate it as efficiently as would be ideal.   20150708_133537

The HK HK45 on the other hand, is far more ergonomic and doesn’t feel as large.  It’s as accurate and reliable as the FNX, but it doesn’t have the capacity.  12 instead of 15.   So it’s a trade of.  A few less rounds, but more comfortable and more people can shoot it easier.  And… it’s a sexier looking pistol.  Given the pros and cons… it’s a touch choice.  What do you guys think?  Pick one.
(My normal response of “Both” is of course already noted.  But if you had to pick just one… pick one.)  20150708_133623

21 thoughts on “Which one?”

  1. Well, word is the military is going to 9mm.
    My concern, of course, would be domestic production, like Beretta.
    (I’m still an old-school .45 guy, so this is largely just an exercise for me!)


  2. I thought the new pistol had to be modular. That would put the SIG P320 at the forefront, no?
    However, playing by your rules, I’d go with the HK……..sexy is seldom wrong.

    1. Yeah, i got the HK, it’s an awesome gun and really nice design, and made with perfection !
      The SIG is a really good option too.

  3. FNX trigger guard seems more glove-compatible. Pushbutton mag release also seems like a better idea in combat (less likely to accidentally trigger it, and more similarity to existing weapons systems).

    Plus, it isn’t sexy. It’s a brick. If you’re going to do battle, do you bring a brick or a sexy supermodel? I’d much rather look at that pretty H&K as it sits there on the table, but if I had to imagine which one would look better scratched, scraped, dirty, and bloody, I think the FNX would look better in those conditions: the H&K would look sadly abused, whereas the FNX would look like it was smirking and saying, “but you should see what the other guy looks like… if you can identify the body.”

    I carry an H&K most of the time and think it’s a fine self-defense weapon, but I’m not going into combat; I’d pick something else if real combat was on the day’s menu. That may just be personal preference. However, as you noted, this one is so close that it comes down to personal preference.

    1. I don’t see how the lever style mag release is more likely to be accidentally triggered. I’ve never accidentally dropped a magazine from a Walther or H&K pistol, but I have done it on multiple push-button pistols.

      1. I’ve never accidentally dropped a magazine from anything, but I can see if more likely with something that can snag on webbing or somesuch as a pistol is swung into position during combat, than something which requires inward pressure.

        Neither is likely, and I think the similarity to existing weapons is the far more important factor.

  4. I’ve owned both (I actually traded my HK45 for the FNH Tactical) and as mentioned above the HK45 magazine capacity is only 10 rounds and because it has a narrower grip frame than the USP 45 the magazines aren’t compatible. The main reason that I traded was that I wanted the 50% more capacity but I ended up regretting the trade as the HK45 was much softer shooting due to the recoil system, was more accurate and had a much better trigger. I had no issues CCW’ing the HK but had a bit more difficulty with the FNH as it’s noticeably bulkier and also heavier.

    After a few months I wound up trading the FNH Tactical and moved on, but I still miss the HK45 and will hopefully find another one in the used case at one of the local gun pushers.

  5. Of the two, I’d pick the HK45. The FN grip feels too boxy to me and I don’t like the texturing. Plus I would think the fact that certain parts are meant to break rather than detail strip would be a problem for armorers.

    If I could choose anything, I think the best choice would be a modified Sig M11. Give it a rail, a threaded barrel, grips in small, medium, and large, and maybe extended mags for the specops types. Call it the M11A2 and issue hollow points. Solves pretty much all the problems inherent in the M9.

  6. Haven’t tried the HK but I got to fire the neighbor’s FNX with a can one day at the range. It was a hoot. Big – yes , bulky – yes , easy to shoot well – yes , malfunctioned – no . I like it.

  7. Hands on the smallish side so I’ll take the HK. If I was spending my money, I would probably go with the 9mm version and 15 rounds.

  8. Ogre –

    Is there any reason you’ve left off the STI Marauder? It could be made with an external extractor, has a similar capacity, is very ergonomic, and can be setup to be at least as acurate as these offerings. In addtion to that it can be chambered in any caliber the military feels like switching to and has a very easily accessible parts inventory.

  9. I am not sure which civilian nitch either of these fills. Both too big for CCW on a daily basis and can only be comfortable carried in a belt holster. Ogre what do you use these for?

  10. The FNX, but only because I’ve shot one. I can’t imagine not liking the HK though.

    Now if the other choice was the HK45c, that would certainly be my pick.

  11. Is the military opposed to striker fired pistols with no external hammer? They seem to have proven reliability in law enforcement and in military use in other countries throughout the world.

    The ubiquitous Glock in all its various iterations comes to mind, whether we personally like it or not.

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