Springfield XDM Compacts

We got in a few of the .40 XDMC’s…  You know, while at SHOT I took a look at them and at the time they just didn’t blow my skirt up.  However after handling the production gun here… taking some more time to examine it…

I like it.  It’s the first XDM that I could see myself getting if I was in the market for a Sub-Compact sized Poly-Striker.   The grip is short, but it works.  The 3.8 inch barrel and related sight radius makes getting a good Sight Picture easier than on other sub-compact guns.   And the XDM’s lines seem to work better with this hobbit sized grip.    I give it my nod of approval.

6 thoughts on “Springfield XDM Compacts”

  1. I’ve been eying one of these. Rather than seeing it as a sub-compact, I look at the longer sight radius, and have come to view it more as a “Skinny Man’s G19/23”, as I find the compact model Glocks just a fraction too large for me to conceal under a t-shirt…just barely. By downloading from 15 rounds of 9mm in the Glock to 13 in the XDMC, or from 13 rounds of .40 to 11, I could have a “fuller”-size gun that suits my build far better.

    I just wish Springfield hadn’t worked so hard to make the XDM look like it just stepped off a spaceship, and left it looking like a more respectable, working-class gun (what it actually is). Looking at the XDM, I feel like it was designed to be marketed to 17 year gamers.

  2. I’ve been trying to convince the Ogre of the coolness of XDs for a long time. Glad to see he’s seen the light….as he always will. He is the Ogre.

      1. LOL George only writes about guns, works at a gun store, is part of crusader arms, teaches classes, served in the military, was a police officer, etc…. I doubt that it is very common that anyone puts forth a novel idea to George about a firearm choice.

  3. All the Springfield XD’s have a inherent design flaw. The axis of the barrel is too high from the trigger, causing the gun to flip backwards during recoil, which torques the gun in the hand upwards; with shot to shot sight recovery compromised. Look to the Ruger SR9c and SR40 for how a modern handgun should be designed.

    1. No, that’s not a design Flaw. The XD is controllable, accurate and reliable. Just like SIG with the same “Flaw”.
      Also, the SIG and the XD is made from forged steel, not cast like Ruger… something modern guns should not be made from.

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