Are you ready for a Crusader 1911?

Joe has surprised me, yet again.  When it comes to making things happen, Joe is the man.  Check this out:

… a good friend of mine just happens to be a master smith that apprenticed at Wilson Combat. The man knows everything there is to know about building a fine 1911. If there’s anyone that can build a Crusader worthy 1911 it is my friend Paul.

So that leaves us with a little problem. Paul is in Virginia….yeah, that’s why we haven’t done anything about this. Well that may not be as much of a problem as previously thought. Paul approached me with a proposal last night. To start out with he is building up a pistol for us to shoot, photograph, and do a write up. From there we will leave it to you. We have the best 1911′s on planet earth to offer you. We will work out pricing with Paul and he will build them there in Virginia (we’ll add our logo here) until such a time when we can bring Paul out here to build for us full time.

One thing we are also able to offer is the ability to convert your stock pistol into a full custom, perfectly tuned 1911 that your friends will drool over and covet until they have one of their own.  Stay tuned and we’ll have more info for you.

Government Models, Commanders, Officers, in .45ACP and 10mm.  Hell Yeah!

33 thoughts on “Are you ready for a Crusader 1911?”

  1. Ok, I am not a 1911 guy, but now I might just have to add a 1911 to my safe again. Especially if its in 10mm. I have been missing my Glock in 10mm ever since I sold it a year ago.

  2. build it in virginia, slip stream it in utah. and yes… we are ready for a crusader 1911… maybe a special edition with an ogre logo? it would be nice

  3. RAD!!!

    Keep us updated, Ogre sir! I would definitely be interested in a Crusader 1911. Commander frame in either .45ACP or 10mm.

    Come to think of it, I’ve already got my beloved Springer (Lightweight Champion Operator) in .45ACP Commander frame. May have to lean toward a 10mm.

    One might wonder if a 2011 framed Commander in 10mm is in the talks?

  4. You guys are doing this to me on purpose, aren’t you? First the Crusader AR-15s, then the Broadsword, now custom 1911s. Y’all know I can barely afford one of those, let alone all 3. Do you guys want me to be living in a cardboard box (a well-defended cardboard box, but a cardboard box nonetheless) by the time I’m 30 or something? 😉

    Okay, seriously, I’m very, very excited about this. I’d love to see a true Officer-sized 1911 (i.e. 3.5 inch barrel, not 3 inch) that can compete with the Springfield Ultra Compact. .45 ACP and 10mm are a given, knowing you guys, but is there any chance you’ll chamber any guns in .38 Super? An aluminum-framed Commander in .38 Super seems really appealing to me, but AFAIK no one makes a model like that anymore (way to go Colt…).

    Hey, you know what you guys should do next? Make SIG P225 magazines that actually work (I’m lookin’ at you, ProMag) and don’t cost $55 a pop.

    1. Now see… your looking at this all wrong.
      These are INVESTMENTS. Screw the stock market. Guns are a better investment. And Crusaders, being custom built and each one unique. Each Crusader is essentially priceless.

  5. I would like to see a CCO type 1911 in 45. Something similar to the Sig C3, but without all the sharp edges would be great.

    1. That’s one of my very favorite configurations… Commander barrel and slide on an Officer’s frame. Awesome CCW weapon system. A custom CCO in 10mm… oohhh… I just got chills…

  6. A centannial 1911 would seem to be the smart or obvious choice but of course the big question is what variant and in which caliber. Personally I’m not too crazy about a “ghost-built” gun with the Crusader name on it but at least the guy sounds more than qualified which should ensure not just a 1911 that actually works out of the box, but one put together with care and should be beautiful to look at. Anyway, my proposal to the 2 big questions (variant & caliber) would be to comission (they are not built by Crusader after all but will have the name) a run of 25 pistols custom ordered to the customer’s exact specifications. That way everyone will be happy. The reality is that these pistols won’t be cheap but they will be the absolute poop. If you’re gonna go, go big and have it your way. 25 will keep the builder more than busy with all the different builds, but in the end it will launch Crusader above the rest because NO OTHER big name manufacturer offers a totally custom gun of this level.

  7. That’s the idea, Mattitude. Total custom from the ground up. Cheap…no. Best quality you can get from any shop in the country…absolutely. Just like Burger King, you can have it your way.

  8. God, what I wouldn’t do for a 1911 or 2011 in 10MM. Price would be the issue, but with all custom guns, you get what you pay for….

    I sense a sweet ride here.

    1. Crusader has a “Layaway” Program. You put money down on whatever you want… (Non-refundable) Make the payments as you can. Then at a certain point we start your build… then when it’s done we send you photos, teasing and tempting you until it’s paid off. Then we ship you your new gun! Easy Breezy.

  9. Ok, I was able to resist ordering a broadsword (by the thinnest of margins) But if you guys bring a kick-@ss crusader 1911 to the table…..and at a price point that competes with the other semi-custom houses….
    I dunno how much temptation one man can be expected to walk away from. I’m only a man after all. A man with a major love for the 1911!

  10. I sit here with my mouth on the floor, I have been making 1911’s for years now, it is what I love doing, so you are getting a gun with all of my heart and soul poured into, I am not a factory, so each one will be built by hand 100%. I am sending Joe one of my previous builds so he can take pictures of it, shoot it and know what we are making, Each gun will be build to your specs, and test fired till it works flawlessly. We should have the details worked out in the next week or so. and prices will be ready soon as well

  11. Is it still a 1911 if the use an external extractor? I hope so, but maybe I’ve a case of SIG envy.

  12. I’d suggest some other calibers. 10MM for sure, 9MM as well, and if you can do it, I’d LOVE to see the 7.62 Tokarev. Paul, that monster 1911 that Mac has recently purchased would probably suffice for the 7.62 Tokarev. The mags might too.

    Anyway I am looking forward to seeing the finished results.

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