Remington’s R1 Carry Commander.


I have handled the R1 Carry Commander again… This time taking a good hard critical look at it.  Dang if I can’t find a fault in it.  The action is super smooth, not too tight, not too loose – it’s totally Goldilocks.  This is just about the most flawless Commander I’ve seen for production 1911’s.   The finish inside was excellent.  I’m impressed, Remington.  Very impressed.  This gun is a contender for the next 1911 I get.   It really is.  If you get a chance to look at one at your local gun seller – take a good look at it and tell me what you think.

11 thoughts on “Remington’s R1 Carry Commander.”

  1. Steel frame? Too heavy. A Commander should be under 30 oz.
    Who notes it’s not easy to shoot an alloy .45.

  2. Steel is just fine with me. I’ll take the extra durability and shootability over sparing my belt a couple ounces every time.

    I’ll also mention that I’m glad forward slide serrations are finally falling back out of favor. Hideously ugly things they are.

  3. If they make this with an alloy frame in .38 Super, that have a sale. I realize the odds are thin, but…hey……

  4. It’s hard to dismiss the concept of a gun, especially without seeing one, but I bought a government size R1 when it came out. I walked into my local gunshop and they had one new for $575 and I was just smitten with the idea of an American made 1911 for that price, so I bought it. While its a tack driver for sure, I’m not happy with it. The fit and finish is sloppy, the frame even rubs the slide on the dust cover, it doesn’t like hollow points, and Remington customer service has been so non-exsistant I worry that if I send it in to be looked at it’ll never come back. I’ll probably end up keeping it forever, and if nothing else as a reminder to never buy a new gun on their first year again, and to just spend the money and buy something nicer next time.

  5. Purchased the Full-Size Remington 1911 Carry, made a few Wilson Combat/Nighthawk Mods to it, love the gun despite the series 80 safety, it is a tack driver and I would bet my life on it. The trigger is not as good as my S&W Performance Center Scandium Framed Bobtail, but damn it is close, all Steel 1911 Made in America, can’t beat it 🙂

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