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I have a place in Ogre Manor, where I sit and… well… supposed to Write.  However I can never actually write there.  The chair is hard and office like, the desk it at a good height for writing.  But when I sit down there… It’s like I’m in the Phantom Zone of writing.  Creative Exile.  I can Game there.  Chat there.  But actual creativity doesn’t and can not happen while I am there.  Time spent there is time wasted and lost.  In terms of Creative Writing that is.  In terms of Leveling up my Characters in Borderlands 2, the spot is the Bomb Diggity.

If I go upstairs and lay down on my Magic Bed of Insomnia… Another location for a specific something that Does Not Happen There.  On the MBOA, I get ideas and thoughts of writing and the Creativity Flows like the Butthurt of Xbox owners who discover all their games don’t work on the new One.

The only Problem… No matter what position I get into or how I prop up the Pillows of Anti-Slumber… I can’t actually Write on the MBOA.  Instead, I just get horny and send dirty Text Messages to my wife.   So that doesn’t work either.  Because then she comes upstairs and nothing get’s written.

You remember when I use to crank out Gun Reviews and scathing opinions of Things?  All that writing I did was at a certain place in a certain location  Gandalfo’s.  A New York Style Deli in Vernal in a little shopping Strip next to a Smith’s Grocery store in Vernal.  On my day’s off I’d go in early and sit at the second to the last table… the one that had a power outlet in the booth.  I’d get a little sandwich and a large drink and I’d open the laptop… And I’d write.  Like the runners in Chariots of Fire, the words would flow.

I need that sort of place here in NC.  I need “That Spot”.  I envy the hell out of Writers who can write at home.  I can’t write at home.  I tried.  Every room, every chair… everywhere.  And I can write nowhere.  Gah!  It’s frustration incarnate.  I need to find a place somewhere relatively close by, that has a window view of the street and people, that’s quiet, that has a power outlet, and will bring me a cup of something caffeinated and cold every once in awhile without asking me or breaking my attention at my words.  Gandolfo’s was awesome at that.  I miss Gandolfo’s.

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  1. Maybe it’s not so much the Location but the wife and 6 boys that constantly interrupt me because they see me there and think they can just come up and start talking to me. Because “I’m not doing anything.”
    Well, you know what family? I’d have Uprising Russia and China both done already…

  2. You’ll find it . Things like that just take a while. Sort of like that game trail in the woods you couldn’t see in the morning but in the afternoon its plain as day. Good luck and have a happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Having recognized the writing environment you need, it’s just a matter of legwork now. There should be any number of suitable places available; it often seems to me that every transplanted New Yorker and New Jerseyer that moves down here immediately opens either a deli or a pizzeria.

  4. With just a desktop PC available, where I write is fixed. But I’ve noticed a big difference in how much I can normally write by what’s going on in the background. With the TV on I can generally do 500 words per hour, btu running iTunes (with APSDemon shut down so my PC doesn’t just crash) I can do twice that.
    Without either I’d just go nuts.

  5. A door and a lock and/or a donut or coffee shop. Another option, though without provisions served, a college library. But you’ll have to focus on writing and not the “scenery”.

      1. If I remember correctly George,there was a Dunkin donuts there.You could try out the different Coollatas. They have outlets at the tables, and their turkey and swiss on a pumpernickel bagel is tasty.

  6. Not to denigrate your problem George, as a writer myself (“Recon of Worlds” Amazon) I get it.
    I like you had the same reaction when my two sons were young. After a few years as a cop I lost the resentment and was just thankful for their and their mother’s health and happiness. So many I had to deal with every day on the job had none of this and there was nothing anyone could do about it.
    Peace out.

  7. I respect the heck out of anyone who writes in any form or length. As a matter of fact…this reply is getting rather long and painful.

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