They need to throw the book at him

David Gregory’s story just keeps getting better.  So NBC asked permission to show the Magazine, the DC Police said No, and they showed it anyways, because they could not have just shown a video clip of one of these mags in action, David Gregory obviously HAD to have one illegally to hold up to make his point.
NBC needs to be fined, and David Gregory needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the Law.  A.  To show the Liberal Media that they are not above the Law.  And B.  To show the Liberal Media that the Law its self is rather stupid.  A Year Sentance… for a Box with a Spring in it.  Maybe then guys like David Gregory will think that maybe just perhaps the Magazine is not the problem.  We can hope.

Already though… I don’t think much will come of this.  Because the Police are “Investigating”.  That right there tells us nothing is going to happen.  Because David held it up, declared what it was… Confessed to the Crime.  And The Bronze has really done nothing of it that to say they are “Investigating”.  What they should have done is made an Arrest.

21 thoughts on “They need to throw the book at him”

  1. A snowball in Hades has a better chance of not melting than an arrest in this. It will be an example of do as we say not as we do. In othenews , AR auctions on Gunbroker are going nuts on Colt sp1,and other ARs

  2. Max penalty for possession of that one mag in DC is $1000 and 1yr in jail. I will bet he gets a fine and no jail time. He may also have to do some community service, but in DC squawking some more BS about “assault weapon” control on TV counts for that.

    1. Absolutely nothing will happen to him or the production staff. That “investigation” would take 10 seconds, but it’s lasting this long in the hopes that certain people will forget about it and let it go. Libs in power can self-incriminate all day long but nothing will ever happen because they are “making an example”. Mayor Blumberg’s staff made several out of state straw purchases in VA & NC just to “prove” the “gun show loophole” and brought & displayed a table full of “assault weapons” in NYC…where they are prohibited. It was brough up that his actions were illegal but of course nothing happened to him because he was showing an example. If that was any person here we wouldn’t ever see the light of day outside of reinforced walls with armed guards.

  3. They’re just going to claim that it was a “dummy” mag – perhaps with the spring removed and the follower glued in place.

    Just you watch.

    1. Doesn’t matter. The DC law reads “…or can be converted…” to hold more than 10 rounds and be functional.

  4. I read a story about an off duty guard who mistakenly drove into Washington D.C., with a gun locked in a box in his trunk. He realized his mistake and did a U-turn, though he got pulled over for expired registration 2 blocks from the border. The LEO found out about the gun and he was being prosecuted for a felony. Probably lost his job and career. David Gregory did what he did on purposed and nothing will happen to him or NBC, because they are (liberal) media.

  5. He does need to be prosecuted, maybe we need to start hammering someone with calls/emails, etc to push the issue.

  6. He’ll face no such time, and no such penalty. He will issue an impassioned apology for being overly concerned about the issue at hand and only wanted to make a point in keeping with his journalistic integrity and the people right to know.

    On the other hand, I would have been cuffed, tased, stripped of all right, and clothing once placed in holding. The news will lead with a story about how much safer the Metro Area is after my arrest and incarceration. My livelihood, my home, my family, all would be impacted negatively. I would have to forfeit all my firearms or face even more prosecution, and be denied for the rest of my life, the privileges and immunities Mr. Gregory takes for granted.

    And to pour salt into the wound, he will sit smugly in front of the camera at his desk, on his show, and offer his portrayal of my demise which will lead the news that night.

  7. OTOH, if Gregory is NOT arrested and prosecuted – and at least fined – then every defense attorney with a client who has been charged with (and convicted) will be pounding on the judge’s banc to have his client’s conviction thrown out.
    And they’ll win.

    Either the law means the same for everybody…or it means nothing.

    Of course, the Rule of Law in America is quickly being replaced by Crony Socialism.

      1. Laws applicable to the elites, laws applicable to those that do the elites bidding and then laws for everyone else.

    1. That would be nice, but in reality police and prosecutors have discretion when it comes to charging people. This happens all the time. Attorneys aren’t going to win with your argument. I can’t go into court and say that so-and-so didn’t get charged…please dismiss this case. It has never worked that way.

  8. I disagree that he should be arrested, because the law is stupid. Whether the perpetrator is an otherwise law-abiding citizen, or a puerile piece of garbage like Gregory, no one should be prosecuted for having a piece of metal with a spring in it.

    On the other hand, someone should kick Gregory in the junk just because he is a moron.

    1. I believe that he SHOULD be arrested for the simple fact that he needs to know how the common man feels and has to deal with. Let him argue the case that it’s just a metal box with a spring in it and what a stupid law it is. That way he’ll actually be defending our cause for us possibly without not realizing it. I also want to see him squirm and try to weasel his way out of it…

    2. What difference does it make that the law is stupid given what it forbids? The law is the law, and when I was growing up it was still taught in school that we are a nation of laws and no one man is above them. That the DC law is idiotic there is no argument; as in NYC’s airports, everyday innocent people are dragged away and charged with crimes for being in possession of legally purchased property, but it is the law. So why should one person get favorable treatment for violations of it?

      As stated elsewhere, charge Mr. Gregory and prosecute him. Let him in his high profile effort to get himself out of a $1000 fine and a year in jail highlight the absurdity of a law that criminalizes the possession of a box with a spring in it. Hey, it took a lady reporter to get the DC council to rethink some its firearms regulations by simply going through the process as stated by law to purchase a firearm. She highlighted the ridiculous hurdles placed before the legal citizen. Let Mr. Gregory do the same and beat DC down with their own stupidity.

      (Please Emily Miller, don’t take my “lady reporter” comment to mean anything other than saying you are a Lady, and a reporter).

  9. I hate the thought of anyone, liberal or conservative, being prosecuted for violating a stupid (unconstituional) law especially if they are simply excercising their rights. However, David Gregory was not using that magazine in defense of Life or Liberty. He was using his First Amendment rights to promote the limiting of my Second Amendment rights.

    I say burn him with the torch he himself is trying to light.

  10. Another factor to consider … imagine all the negative publicity, all the “special” investigations, all the dirty little secrets and dirt about the DC Police that would surface in every NBC “News” story over the next year … if Mr. Gregory is charged and prosecuted.

  11. On another note, there is a reporting of another subway shoving incident where another person was killed by shoving. I say Piers Morgan and Mayor Bloomberg get together tonight and start discussing banning trains.

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