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They need to throw the book at him

David Gregory’s story just keeps getting better.  So NBC asked permission to show the Magazine, the DC Police said No, and they showed it anyways, because they could not have just shown a video clip of one of these mags in action, David Gregory obviously HAD to have one illegally to hold up to make his point.
NBC needs to be fined, and David Gregory needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extend of the Law.  A.  To show the Liberal Media that they are not above the Law.  And B.  To show the Liberal Media that the Law its self is rather stupid.  A Year Sentance… for a Box with a Spring in it.  Maybe then guys like David Gregory will think that maybe just perhaps the Magazine is not the problem.  We can hope.

Already though… I don’t think much will come of this.  Because the Police are “Investigating”.  That right there tells us nothing is going to happen.  Because David held it up, declared what it was… Confessed to the Crime.  And The Bronze has really done nothing of it that to say they are “Investigating”.  What they should have done is made an Arrest.