Armed Security in Schools

Okay, just so we are clear…
It’s perfectly acceptable that our Politician’s have Armed Security at their Children’s Schools. ┬áBut if you or the NRA expect the same thing, you are an extremist and are delusional.

Got that?
It’s for your own good… THEY know what’s best.

14 thoughts on “Armed Security in Schools”

  1. There is a FB graphic that informs that Obama’s kids have 11 armed guards at their school. What is good for the goose is good for the gander? Well maybe not 11 of them, 3-5 maybe.

  2. Mr. Gregory’s kids attend the same school as the Obama kids. It’s amazing that the very people tell us we don’t need something when they already have it.

  3. Sorry, but the children of those on high are no more or less important than yours or mine.
    They just think that they are because they are theirs.


  4. As tragic as these events are, they are few and far between. There can be other solutions proposed like one or two well-trained armed faculty. Having the Dept of Homeland Security double in size and this country becoming an Orwellian State is not a good idea.

    1. I believe commercial airline pilots can opt to concealed carry. How about teachers can opt to conceal carry. Then no one knows if the teachers are armed or not and we don’t expand the DHS.

      1. A pilot can not just opt to carry, they have to go through a pain in the butt process, then get sworn as Federal Flight Deck Officers.

        I fail to see why we need a federal program when all that is needed is to remove a restriction with dubious benefits.

  5. That school supposedly has 11 security people. Has anyone been able to confirm if they are armed? This doesn’t include the Secret Service detail, I am sure.

    1. The 11 security guards at Sidwell-Friends School includes Wash., DC police officers – who would be armed. (I don’t know if they work there “moonlighting” or if they’re assigned there.)

      And the school’s security detail does not include the Secret Service agents protecting obama’s spawn.

  6. If the politicians what to ban our right to protect our family, other than calling 911, then they get nothing more than that as well. Let Dianne Feinstein, David Gregory, Mayor/Nanny Bloomberg and all the Beltway and Hollywood elitist dial 911 when they are in trouble.

    LMFAO…yeah right…

    1. 911 isn’t any guarantee. The Supreme Court ruled that the police have no obligation to respond and can’t be sued for not doing so. Does that make you feel any better about getting disarmed and relying to call for help?

  7. Discussions of Secret Service usage and distribution aside, do you really want that many more cops? Or “security staff”? Have you flown lately? TSA is just “for your safety”, imagine what they could get away with if it’s “for the children”.

    And you can bet that you’d never be able to get near your kid’s school again with a pocketknife, let alone your CCW.

    Let’s concentrate on the issue of arming teachers. Giving more teeth to the Homeland Security leviathan will only end up losing us more constitutional rights. It doesn’t have to be Homeland Security you say? Perhaps we can use unemployed vets? Yeah right, take a good long look at your government and tell me if you really think that adding security guards to public schools will be done by anyone other than DHS. That’s what I thought.

    I say we focus on things we can win without shooting ourselves in the foot.

  8. School system I work for has had an armed deputy since 9/11. WTF did no one else get on board? HELLO? Our School District has less than 1500 kids, rural area, guns everywhere. I am one lucky so and so that can legally shoot my ar in my backyard without disturbing the guy down the road that practices with his LEGAL full-auto… Take it from me you don’t want to arm teachers without first putting them through vigorous basic training like the police or the military – over the last thirty years we have seen three hauled off to loony land! However, a deputy remarked to me that he would LOVE to have as many permit holders as possible with their guns in their cars if the SHTF. Too bad the district is a target-rich unconstitutional gun free zone…

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