Flashlight Fetish?

I’ll be honest… I love Flashlights.  Guns, Knives, Flashlights… Love them.  Our good friend Steve is making some flashlights and the stats look awesome.

Cree XR-L T6 LED up to 460 lumens
5 Output Levels
Two CR123 batteries or two 16340 Li-ion batteries or one 18650Li-ion battery
Input Voltage: 3.0V-9V
Burn Time Using 18650 Battery – High light: 3.5hours ; Low light: 80hours
Throw Beam: 280 meters
Tactical end click switch with momentary-on function
Waterproof and Impact Resistant
12.8cm(length) 2.6cm(diameter)
Weapon Mountable, with an optional pressure switch.

Less than 80 bucks.   Who would be interested in one?   ME!!!   Who else?

I’ll post more info about this when I get it.  But rumor has it, Steve is going to do a WeTheArmed.com Special Offer for less than 60 bucks.  SOLID!

27 thoughts on “Flashlight Fetish?”

  1. My name is Scott… And I am a flashaholic. Please count me in for one also. One question, will it have a “last mode memory” switch, or will you need to cycle through to get to the one you want.

  2. It will have a last memory as long as the light was on in that mode for at least 3 seconds. If you only have it on for 1 second it will move to the next mode.

    When on, a half click will move to the next mode as well. These should be in Dec 31st but we’ll see if they survive the gun show. on Jan 5/6.

    More details to come once they arrive.

  3. My wife accuses me of the flashlight fetish, along with the knife fetish, she understands the gun fetish just not the knife and light ones. I would love to have one also, what is the site to pre-order. I hate to see all those gun show people getting all the good stuff. Unfortunately I am a $1000 plane ticket from the nearest gun show, or gun store so that cuts hard into my budget.

    1. Steve doesn’t have a Pre-Order set up just yet. However, if you are going to be at the Gun Show in SLC, Utah coming up… Steve is going to be there with a bunch of them.

      1. I am in Bristol Bay, AK so I will not make it to the show in SLC. But I would like to get on of the Flashlights.

  4. Ok I know I’m late to the party but those specs sound awesome–count me in! Please post details when it’s available.

  5. I’m glad everyone is interested. I’m 90% setup. Just waiting for the lights to arrive.

    For some of the answers to the above, the lights are manufactured and assembled in China. The order of modes on te light goes High, Medium, Low, Strobe, SOS and then repeats. If you have the light on any mode for more than 3 seconds, it will remember that mode and use that mode the next time you turn it on.

    For Orders, please visit http://www.gunmojo.com and place an order. Payment is through PayPal. Shipping will be through USPS at a flat rate of $5.35.

    If you order 1 light use coupon code WTA10. If you order 2 lights you can get a slightly better discount by using code WTA25. This puts the lights at $55 and $52.50 respectively plus shipping.

    I plan to carry the same light in a single mode but I’m not sure yet when those will arrive.

    Hopefully the website will work correctly.

      1. Just saw that I am order #2. Come on guys this is a great deal. I paid more for less features and less light, in a similar size package.

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