Seriously Fugly

The Springfield XD pistols.  Just horrid looking.  Oh, they are indeed good guns… but the are hard to look at.  The M’s are better looking, but not by a huge amount.  Like the West Virginian Cousin of an Okie.
Springfield really needs to just drop the XD line and lower the price of the XDM’s.  The M is all around the better pistol in every caliber and size.

13 thoughts on “Seriously Fugly”

  1. Aw, you’re being pretty hard on the XDM dontja think? The Ms don’t look bad at all.
    The XD and XDM free-in-the-box holsters and mag carriers now, those really are unpretty.

  2. My problem with the Springfield XD and XDM line is knowing just how reliable they are in all the different permutations they have now. When the first brought the XD over it was a 9mm pistol designed for a long life. I remember an NRA guy fired 20,000 rounds through one. Since then they’ve brought out a lot of different models in different calibers and it is hard to find stats on how durable each particular gun is. I’m interested in the XD-S in .45acp but just how reliable is it?

    1. I got an XDS about 1-2 months ago and it has been very reliable, fun gun to shoot and fairly easy to conceal, the XD lines prettiest cousin.

  3. Unfortunately, the XDM’s are too cool for us little people (read: non-LEO’s) here in California. It’s too bad because I really want one in .40 or 9mm. Oh well.

    And ugly compared to what? If you think anything Glock looks better…well then we’ll just have to disagree. Certainly H&K makes some pretty plastic guns and the M&P pistols look okay, but I just can’t dig Glocks.

  4. That’s funny, because the M series looks all wrong to me. But I’ve had an XD9 since 2003 so that is what I’m used to.

  5. if a gun shoots well, I could forgive the fugly looks.

    Ugly? there’s this revolver from Rexio. Its a rectangular barrel sixgun that even Robocop wouldn’t touch if he was ordered to.

  6. One thing the M didn’t improve upon is weight. They are a few ounces heavier than comparable XD’s.

    I like my XD .45 just fine. Yeah, it’s homely but in an “all business” kinda way. I think most polymer pistols are ugly. Though I like the looks of the M&P, Walther PPQ and Beretta PX4. That’s about it. Again, my short list.

  7. I had an XD45 and liked it a lot, but ended up selling it because 1. I needed the money, and 2.) it was so huge I only could carry it concealed under the largest of winter coats. I loved the lack of finger grooves though, I have sausage fingers and the 3rd gen and beyond glock grips just feel way too small for my hand where the XD was very comfortable. I think I could make room in my heart for a 3.8m 45, the looks never really bothered me.

  8. Ayyyyy, take it easy George. I lurve both of my XDish pistolas. I didn’t buy ’em to look at.

    I take a mountain bike buddy of mine to the range the other day, used to be in the Man’s Department of the Navy. Me and another pal were standing behind him as he exercised my XDm40, thinking that Jarhead ain’t even hitting the paper. Boy were we surprised. All in an inch and a half or so at about 10 yards. And the dang fool hadn’t touched a firearm since he got out a decade ago because his lib wife don’t want no guns in the house.

    That part in itself is reason for questioning my respect for this dude, but he is made of real sand and ain’t lost much since his days in the Corps.

    Them are worthy weapons. My daily carry.

  9. I am of the firm belief that if I have to show you my pistol, all negotiations have failed. We are not going to discuss how “Fugly” it is because at the end you’ll get to see very little of it.

    You are correct sir, it is not the prettiest pistol out there, but I have not figured out how to make any of my XD’s fail yet.

    How does that song go, “if you want to be happy for the rest of your life…….”?

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