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Some quiet fun.


  1. Curtis's Gravatar Curtis

    Who makes a good subsonic .223/556 load?

    • 11/11/2012    

      Black Hills I believe. But what we were shooting – some name I never heard of before or since. Forgot what it was. But it was quiet.

  2. M's Gravatar M

    You are an ass for not calling me.

    • 11/11/2012    

      LOL, this was at Last Year’s Factory Range Day… Don’t hold it against me!

  3. Goatroper's Gravatar Goatroper

    Some days I do envy your job. You get to play with the coolest toys.

  4. UtahLibertarian's Gravatar UtahLibertarian

    Subsonic 5.56? I bet it’s more expensive than this:
    Well, okay this is probably more comparable:

    But seriously, a .224 bullet at, what, 950 fps max? I admit I wouldn’t want to stand in front of it, but other than showing off a suppressor, what’s it good for?

    • 11/13/2012    

      Coyotes seem to be effected by it.

  5. Geoff's Gravatar Geoff

    But does the second Coyote hang around after the first one drops?
    Who is a curious fellow.

    • 11/15/2012    

      The second one is generally confused and will just stand there, looking around…

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