New holster for the Beretta 92FS

Man… Now I’m going to be Open Carrying this forever.  That is just… Next Level Awesome.  I’m telling you guys… if you have a gun that you love, Treat it.  This is why AdamsHolsters have remained at the top of the List of Links.  That is out of bounds.

7 thoughts on “New holster for the Beretta 92FS”

  1. Lovely holster, but Mr. Adams, use to put on the photos what the holster was made out of, what materials did he use in that one?

  2. Yeah my fault I used to add that but this one is shark on shark and however I typed it out looked stupid to me so I left it off the picture 😉 when in doubt though I can pretty much pick out any exotics in photos especially if it’s something I made;)

    Take care!


  3. Thanks Luke, I thought the brown was shark but I was thinking the black was Elephant… Great looking rig. I can’t wait to order one, thanks !

  4. Did you go with the leather lined option? It is suppose to make the rig stiffer and with a 92FS that would probably be helpful.

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