Monday’s Motorcycle: ICON

This is how you sell your company’s brand:

I know M is already thinking about an Adventure Bike. And I’ve been thinking going that round too. My Enduro just gave me a taste, and I want more… I want the whole buffet. But that’s for another post. This wasn’t a post about the bikes… but about the Gear.
I dig the Icon brand stuff. It’s good stuff and not nearly as expensive as some of the other options out there. These Dual Sport helmets are what’s interesting me. Full face protection, dirt bike aggression. I like to look. I want one.

4 thoughts on “Monday’s Motorcycle: ICON”

  1. In an earlier post you talked about helmets, there you showed a helmet without any graphics just nothing but the raw shell, it looked kind of tough! I cant remember the brand! Can you give me a link?



  2. THAT WAS AWESOME !!! I want to be the next test subject please ! Those snow spikes looked like alot of fun. Thanks for posting that George. Now I need another bike even worse dammit… I have been having the worst time not running down to the local Honda dealer and picking up this one… Loving the underseat gas tank. Leaves you enough room to store your helmet without losing it to some jerk with a knife.

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