SIG sent me one of their ACP units. This Video gives some of my impressions. On YouTube there was one comment worth note.
“For that weight you´╗┐ could get a Kel-Tec Sub 2000…and WAY MORE ACCURACY AND VELOCITY.”
Probably one of the most astute observations ever made on YouTube. He has a good point. However the ACP remains much more compact. The SUB2000 is about the same size when folded, and that makes it easy to pack around, but then when deployed, it’s pretty much as long as a standard carbine. The ACP remains the same size packing and engaging. It also uses a gun that you are familiar with… one of your own pistols… With a Trigger Pull that is far superior to the KT’s. And as far as I know, you can’t get the SUB 2000 in .357 SIG, 10mm, .45 Auto, .400 Corbon, .45 Super, .460 Roland… or any of the myriad of other cartridges you can rock and roll with in the ACP.
When I brought the ACP to work, the general consensus was that while it is “Cool” it’s actual usefulness remains limited… because it doesn’t have a Shoulder Stock. Now, you can jump through the hoops and get your Class III Approval and get a Shoulder Stock for your SIG ACP… Then you have an actual Pistol Caliber SBR… Fullfilling the promise of SIG’s name the “Adaptive Carbine Platform”. With out it… Shooting from the Sling is helpful and does stabilize the shot, it’s no where nearly as solid as a simple shoulder stock.
Also, for you Gaming Nerds out there, we’ve come up with a D20 Rule for you guys. For every 2 Inches of Rails your gun has, you get a +1 to your Hit and Damage. So the SIG ACP will give you about a +5 to your basic gun. IRL, the ACP is just making your gun bigger, more uncomfortable, heavier, and less convenient to carry because I’ve yet to see anyone make a Holster for this beast.
Like I said before, in the video… The SIG ACP does has it’s applications. I also mentioned that it would be cool for riding a Motorcycle. I’ve proved that theory TRUE. I rode into town on my ZX-11 (Knees doing slightly better and I’m on some really good painkillers) with the SIG ACP, as shown, slung. Packing a Handgun, I would have to either open my jacket to get to the Shoulder Rig or get up under my jacket to get to a pistol in a Belt Holster. The ACP, slung at the side allows for rather easy engagement as all I had to do was reach down, grab it, and bring it up to target. Not that I actually tried aiming it while on a moving motorcycle… I don’t live THAT far out in the boonies. In the video I mentioned my KTM and rolling the ACP up in the mountains. Uh… that would be a poor choice. The ACP bouncing around banging it’s sharp edges on you. Not fun.
Overall, I like it and it has it’s place, but I am going to send this thing back to SIG.

11 thoughts on “The SIG ACP”

  1. I was thinking a G35 converted to .357 SIG with a 6″ barrel and 31 round magazines.

    A bit easier to conceal (mag-wise) would be an M&P Pro converted to .357 SIG (again 6″ barrel) but with Arredondo floorplates giving it a 20 round capacity.

    And if my old SIG 229 sport with a 4.9″ could launch Gold Dots at 1,518 fps (that’s 639 foot pounds) then an extra inch could give around 50 fps more.

  2. So it is a 4 or 4.5# pistol. How does it compare to a 8″ AR pistol in say 300blk as far as size weight and usefullness?

  3. Give it to a three gun match competitor, and see how long it lasts.

    The last attempt I saw at such a conversion couldn’t make it all the way through a match.

  4. I looks like a starwars gun. So bulky you wonder why they don’t slap a stock on it. Of course this thing was supposed to have a stock but if Americans have freer access to SBRs, they will go on shooting sprees. Or compulsively rob banks. Or…what are the SBR regs supposed to prevent?

    Anyway. I can almost see this rig for guys tooling around on ATVs and such. But. For that bulk and working with that sling, I’d pack a Draco.

  5. If an “end of the world as we know it” occurred, and one didn’t have to worry about BATFE rules and regulations, how difficult would it be to get or make a stock for the ACP unit to help fight off the Zombies.

  6. While this unit is kewl, in a mall-ninja kinda way, I don’t think I want my primary weapon eating my side arm. Two is one and yada, yada. If the sholder-stock version was readily gettable, it could be a fun gadget. As to keeping it from bangin’ yer side on a bike, think about a drop loop “bucket”, like horse cavalry used for their slung carbines. A thigh rig w/a muzzle-cup for the weapon, mayhap? With extended mag pouch on opposite side to balence the weight. (not to mention de “kewl” factor, if that matters)

    1. Thoughts always seem to pop up as you hit “send”. To make a more effective piece out of it, some thing on the order of a 10mm with a 7 or 8 in. long slide? More performance to justify the weight penelty of the unit. What do ya think, George?

  7. Had one of the old .45 ACP carbine conversion units that made the pistol a legal shoulder stocked rifle, looser.

    I have shot my Glock with a sling and held it just like the video I would bet the “increase” in accuracy would be about the same without this “unit” and all the bad stuff would not apply.

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