Sons of Anarchy

There is a show I’ve been following on Hulu. I’m sure anyone reading MO has at least heard of it. I don’t normally go for this type of show… but I really dig SOA. The Club and their round about way of problem solving is interesting. The last episode I watched, one is reminded why these guys are an Outlaw Biker Gang… the murder of Agent June Stahl was a rather shocking conclusion to the character. Yet the story unfolded that this was an overall good thing. Something bad, done for a good reason.

I’m not going to make any moral judgment on this, as in a similar situation I’d have been looking at the same options. But a burst of full auto fire from an Ingram at the back of the head… brutal. None of that pan away and watch other characters react to the sound of a single shot. No… They showed it… It was so stark that I had to laugh. This isn’t your normal TV show.

The cast is amazing… Ron Perlman is a favorite and I’ll watch him in any movie, but his performance is often overshadowed by this character’s wife, played by Katey Sagal.  Katey brings a depth to what could have been shallow character.  This isn’t the Meg Bundy type role.  You can read a lot of dialog from her, even when she’s not speaking.

The rest of the cast is top notch.  They have to be.  This show is driven by the acting and not special effects or action scenes.   It really is one of the best shows out there right now.

4 thoughts on “Sons of Anarchy”

    1. Peg… Meg… I have to admit I only watched that show a couple times, and that was for young miss Applegate.

  1. I loved the end of Season 3. The way Chibs got his revenge was awesome. Plus, I’ve been waiting since Season 1 for Agent Stahl to get killed. Fantastic acting job, becuase I hated Stahl so much. I’m glad Opie finally took her out. And you’re right, it was brutal. But still done in such a way that it didn’t seem violent for the sake of violence.

    And I’m 100% behind Ron Perlman. By far one of the best actors out there. Way underrated.

    1. I’m going to have to go back and watch Season 1 and 2 all the way through again. Which means I need to get the DVD sets.
      And the sets of THE SHIELD.

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