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Tx requiring voters to show I’D.  Of course its discrimination… That would mean the Democrats could only vote once.

Rachel Welch says America is a bunch of porn addicts.  Blah blah blah… I just wanted to see her naked.

Windmills are killing Eagles again in California.  Why not catch the freshly killed birds and roast them to feed the homeless and poor?   Liberals already mock everything else… Why not gobble down Eagles too?

The Energy Secretary says he’s done everything he can to lower gas prices… The guy doesn’t even own a car.  I’m sure his efforts were all in earnest. 

10 grand a plate dinner with Democrats… And they were saying the GOP is out if touch.   Republicans had a fundraiser dinner that I went to… It was 10 bucks.  Hmmm…

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  1. Last time I voted (last week) I had to show an ID here in Ohio and I did not feel oppressed…hmmm…couldn’t have anything to do with the large amount of illegals down there, could it?

    $10K a plate dinner…heard Biden dined and dashed anyways….

    1. yea i votged in ohio last week too. it didn’t bother me to show an id either. its good to see that they are enforcing what they have, but you could have gotten buy with a utility bill also and that kind of bothers me. i don’t see it as the same as a pic id.

    1. Amen.

      I have to show ID for ALL KINDS of things. But ID for voting is a return to Jim Crow? They’re the only ones buying their BS with that one. People are getting tired of their absurd comparisons and baseless accusations.
      Most people are aware of how and when they have to display ID in their day to day lives.

  2. If somebody wants to vote without showing ID, make them dip their finger in ink, like the Iraqis did, and like the ancient Greeks did. Presto – no more discrimination. Of course, it would need to be hypo-allergenic, and would need to stain the skin, penetrate grease or other chemicals on the skin, and be impervious to bleach and ink removers, and so forth, and so on.

    If they are missing one finger, and the stump isn’t recent, then they can use the next finger, and the next, and so on – until they get an earlobe or a forehead mark. However, this would discriminate against people who have had amputations that day.

    This would force the democrats to either shut up, or admit that they are in favor of voter fraud.

    But, while we are watching the front and back doors, let’s not forget that it is the software engineer who programs the machine (i.e. the guy who counts the votes) who really decides the election.

  3. Oh the hardship you have to go through to get a voter I.D. in Texas. When I was between cars and money one time and my drivers license expired, I hopped a bus, got off at at a drives license office, went in filled out some paper for a non driving ID (I couldn’t understand the Spanish half) stood in line for about 15 minutes handed in the paperwork, got my photo taken, received a temporary use card, and was on my way. No beatings were involved. They had Spanish speaking clerks there also. Once you had that ID you could buy booze, cash checks, and etc.

  4. The Secretary of Energy’s wife owns a nice BMW sports car. He doesn’t need a vehicle because he gets a limo as a cabinet secretary.

    As for high gas prices, he is correct, that is out of his hands.

    Gas, gold and every damned thing else is high priced because the Treasury and the Federal Reserve paid for Obama’s 4 trillion dollar spending spree by printing more greenbacks, since they couldn’t get the Europeans or the Asians to loan them any more money.

    This 50% involuntary ( and un-voted for ) tax on savings’ and wages’ spending power is not something he can do anything about at the DoE.

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