The USS Enterprise

There should always be a USS Enterprise in the US Navy… because we’ve always had one.  Well, mostly, but that’s besides the point.  I read the news with great sadness that the current USS Enterprise was to be decommissioned and scrapped.

There is a Petition.  Sign it for what it’s worth.  But more importantly, contact your Senators… all of them for your State.

15 thoughts on “The USS Enterprise”

  1. Scrap her, and make a new one. As a USN nuclear mechanic with friends who have served on her, she is way past her prime. I’m all for keeping the name alive, but she is done. Let her rest in peace.

  2. After they pull all 8 reactors there will be nothing left. Geoff Who notes Big E was the fastest carrier ever

  3. I got to tour the Enterprise once, and met the guy who coached Tom Cruise how to be a Fighter pilot. That ship should become a museum.

  4. There has been a lot of blow back about naming US Naval ships after politicians of modern vintage and in some cases still alive.
    There is supposed to be a petition going up to keep the name Enterprise alive.

    1. Naming a ship after a President is fine… Especially a late President. But politicians who vote to cut military budgets and increase the cost of military health care? No effing way.

  5. I read that it will cost half the cost of a new carrier to “save” the Enterprise as a museum, because they basically have to cut the ship apart to dispose of the reactors. And that’s just the estimate. I’d rather the navy have another new carrier than yet another museum ship.

  6. Scrap her and use her to make the next one.
    Get started on the next one, right away.
    Keep some of the historical pieces, displays, etc. for a museum.

    Don’t sink her for target practice.
    Don’t sink her for “habitat.”
    Treat her with honor and respect and let her become part of the next generation, body and name.

  7. IMHO,
    There should be a Constellation back in commission before (even) another Enterprise.

    Wasp, Hornet and Lexington are long overdue as well. America should be on the short list as well as Coral Sea, Midway and a great number of other names (Ranger, Saratoga) with a fine Naval tradition. Shame to be wasting another hull naming opportunity on JFK name when the likes of those grand names aren’t in the fleet currently.

  8. Does anyone else find the irony in the fact of the largest surviving part of CV-6 USS Enterpise is at a veterans park in River Vale NJ. (near West Point NY). The flagship of the USNavy should always bear the name Enterprise. Can JFK2 and start the next Enterprise now. Would say museum ship for CVN 65 with sealed voids replacing reactor spaces

  9. All for another Enterprise in commission soonest possible. I’ll stick with my bias for another Constellation ahead of her in line. As long as there’s Constitution under flag there should be a Constellation.

    Yeah, I admit it. Connie was my girl. ;^)

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