11 thoughts on “Dear Hornady & Marlin”

  1. I’d like to see a new levergun in 7.62x54r. Fed by stripper clips into a fixed mag. Like the one the Russians had.

  2. The guys over at the Marlin forum have me short shrift when I suggested a 1894 carbine in
    .40 S+W.
    Raub, the Winchester 1895 is in 30-06- pretty close to the commie round.

  3. That would be a special kind of cool. I have a soft spot for both the lever gun and 7 mm calibers…

  4. I’m on board with both ideas. I’m the only person I know who owns or shoots the 7/30 Waters. Winchester 94 Angle Eject ( USRAC ). Nice rifle – carries like a dream but I think the Marlin design is superior and the round itself cries out for the LeveRevolution treatment.

  5. I’ve an 1895 in .30-06 and would love a stripper clip guide as on the Russian muskets.
    Instead I’ve a Williams peep sight positioned where the guide would go.
    Hum? A strip guide 1895, an Auto-5 12 gauge and a 1911 for an all Browning 3-gun set up. How cool would that be?

  6. Excuse my blood thirstiness but a 7 X 30 Waters would make a nice Cowboy Assault Rifle Especially with the Hornady bullets. A 336 tweaked, accurized, and (ahmem,) Slipstreamed would be sweet.

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