All the new scopes and Binos I’ve been seeing from Weaver has really been impressing me.  Their quality for the prices they are offered at Retail… Very impressive.  ATK has done very well to make Weaver a serious optics brand again.


I can say that Weaver has a couple good scopes and a Bino that I would love to own… hell I’d even be willing to spend my own money on them.

4 thoughts on “Weaver”

    1. The 40/44 is a great bang for the buck option.
      But if you can get into a Grand Slam… You’ll be absolutely loving it and looking down your nose at Leupold and most Nikons.

  1. Do you know anything about their 1000 yd laser range finder? I think I can get a screaming deal on one but a great deal is only great if you’re getting something useful….

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