Heaven Help Me.

In a moment of weakness… I picked up a Weaver Rail that will fit nicely on my Rossi M-92.

I'm going to hell for this.

What evilness have I brought into my home?  I am ashamed.  Okay… I’ll return it to normal sooner than I thought.   I still might experiment with an optic on it… just so I can get a better idea on the rifle’s accuracy… and then this rail is coming off and another sighting system is going on.  Because the factory sights on these guns are a let down. They are preventing these rifles from hitting their potential.

Now, before you hate me for what I did… I did nothing as bad as what Mossberg has done.  Mossberg took the Lever Action, and defecated all over it.  This rifle just might be put on display at the SHOT Show.  If it is – someone please Falcon Punch the guy at Mossberg that did this.

Image from a trade magazine.

That is the worst thing I’ve ever seen.  And I’ve seen some seriously nasty things.

UPDATE:  I took the rail off and put the rear sight back on.  It’s as if it never happened.  I’ll look at other sight options.

30 thoughts on “Heaven Help Me.”

  1. Lots of evil. Here is the prophecy- you will mount the rail. you will mount a scope. You will revel in the accuracy. you will suddenly realize pistol cartridges have the trajectory of a well thrown pancake. You will find out that one of the main joys of a small lever action carbine, which is how easy it falls to hand and carries, is gone, because that rail and scope fall right at the balance point where your mitts want to grab it. Then JMB will appear in a dream and chastise you for adding a blasphemous new dangled item to his design and all will suddenly become clear. Use no loctite! (at least not the red kind!)

  2. Bad Ogre! Now give me that rifle so I can fix it and go to your room and think about what you did.

  3. That mossy… what the bloody HELL?
    I have toyed with getting a beater 1895 and making a “tactical” looking lever gun.
    I used parentheses because in the grand scheme of things, they are already pretty “tactical”.
    Railed forearm, synth stock, cerecote if it is a blued rife, lever rail and ghost ring, red dot…
    But damn… that 464… I have crapped out better looking objects.


  4. Ogre,

    The only possible way to right that horrible wrong would be to give the rifle what it needed all along: a nice old-fashioned rear tang Marble Adjustable Peep Sight.

    John Moses Browning will forgive your error, but can you ever forgive yourself?

  5. Truly an abomination beyond the pale.
    I suspect it is a product of the Assault Rifle bans in FL.
    Who blames it all on the Brady Bunch and their pet politicos.

  6. Speaking of your M92…My bosses brother in law is looking for a stainless .45LC lever with the octagonal barrel to match his C.A.S. Ruger Vaqueros. Based on your YT video of your M92 I feel less trepidation recommending the one I found(the only stainless octagonal) online. Do you think $610 is a fair price for an unfired, new in box, out of production Rossi?

    1. Considering that there are no Rossi 92’s in the distribution pipeline right now, if it’s under 800 go ahead and get it.

  7. There is still time, before damnation becomes eternal. Take that thing off of there, get ghost ring sights. NOW!

  8. That Mossberg… I just threw up in my mouth, a little bit. I don’t mind optics rails on lever guns, but there should be a special circle of hell for people who desecrate lever guns like that Mossy.

  9. It looks like time to relearn the fun of iron sites and box stock. Aftermarket add ons have their place in some tactical applications, but seem to distract from the simple pleasure of a good rifle, paper targets, and quality outdoor range time.

  10. Looks to me like the Ogre is getting ready for the Tactical Lever class. When is the reflex sight going to be mounted and the matte black paint applied? You KNOW YOU WANT TO!

  11. Awe, c’mon Ogre. What isn’t tactical enough about having the levergun, with rails and AR adjustable stock being held at belt level by a “chain saw” handle. Work the lever, swing your hips side, to side and drop the zombies. Hell, Dance the “Time Warp” and kill’m ALLLLL!

  12. Merely viewing that abortion from Mossburg made me want to bleach my eye balls! It’s like they smeared the contents of an outhouse on the Mona Lisa.

    In light of Mossberg’s sin, the Gun Gods will forgive your minor offense and focus their full wrath upon the heretics at Mossberg.

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