Buck 110 Ecolite

Remember me talking about this knife… like back in the Spring?  Well the order I put in for one never showed up so I did a One Click order on Amazon.com and bam.  I finally have it in my ogerish paws.

The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is the lock-blade knife that legitimized folding knives for any serious use.  It wasn’t the first, but it was at the time the best.  Good sized clip point blade, good steel, and a solid lock that just flat out works.  It was the Folder to have for years.

Now the Buck 110 is still popular among the Outdoorsmen, but the Tactical community looks askance at it. It is heavy.  It is shiny.  It doesn’t have a pocket clip, assisted opening mechanism, or any gadget or do-dad to make it tacticool.  It’s simply a knife.  And that’s what I like about it.

The Ecolite version (I got the green one – don’t be shocked) fixes two of the 110’s major complaints from the Tactical Guys.  It’s not shiny and its not heavy.  I do wish it had a pocket clip, but I can live without it.  I mean, don’t we have enough pockets and pouches and things we can carry it in?  If not, it comes with its own.  It’s nylon and black and can be worn vertically or horizontally.   It’s a little off the beaten path for those that want to be Contractor Cool, but it’s worth looking at.  Why?  I’m seeing the Buck 110 as being the edged equivalent of the 1911.  It’s a pioneer and its still every bit as good now as it was back in the day.  In fact, the day is far from over for both of these classics.

The 110 Ecolite is sporting handles made of what Buck is called Paperstone.  It’s a strong compound material that looks handsome, and really does keep the knife light.  It might, I dare say, it even makes the knife more useful, as one is going to be less prone to leave the at home and use something else.  And don’t think it’s too large. That’s crap. Your cell phone is probably the size of four of these knives.

I really like the knife.  Wish I had it a lot sooner.


4 thoughts on “Buck 110 Ecolite”

  1. Been carrying one in the glovebox of my Jeep for a couple of years now.
    Can’t beat it for the quality and price.

  2. Hey, Bo Duke and Luke Duke both carried 110’s. That’s good enough for me. I still have mine that I bought when I was ten at a flea market used for five dollars. Best hunting knife I own still after 24 years.

  3. The little Buck 3 inch blade Ecolite 112 with the Paperstone grips looks like a good buy for us urban types that want to put a pocket knife in our pockets. I haven’t had good luck with knives that have clips. I’ve snagged them on just about anything you could snag. I broke the clip one trying to get it to go over a thick pocket edge with out a major two handed fight. A little Sliptream and the old part of a match stick under the blade end would solve the slow opening problem if you really need to.

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