Guns I hate.

As much as I love firearms… There are some guns I absolutely hate. No justification… I just hate them. People will of course jump to to defense of these… But I still hate them. The Howa Axiom. The stock is awkward and owners are always futsing with them. The rifles are heavier than they should be. And the stock fore end feels chinsy as hell. The Desert Eagle. “I just want to hold one.” Huge, heavy, ugly, and useless. The Taurus Judge. I hated them since I first saw them. I hate selling them to people who don’t know anything about guns and have the impression that the .410 is some monster slayer. The Henry Golden Boy. I don’t mind selling Golden Boys… I just hate selling them to guys who want to scope them up… No, you can’t drill and tap the soft brass receiver. You have to use a cheesy cantelever mount. The Browning BLR. I cant stand the BLR’s bolt. That gigantic phallus that comes at your eye when you cycle the action… It’s rude. The Remington 700 BDL. Really, who uses the iron sights? Why leave them on? And if you take them off, you leave the screw holes that you have to plug up… So all that nice polished blueing is scared and flawed. Just leave the bloody sights off to start with. Seriously. The Walther G22. The carry handle and rear sight are cheesy as hell, and useless. The gun feels as cheep as something from a box of cracker jacks, and is about as reliable as Joe Biden trying to play it straight. There… I said it. These are the guns I hate.

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  1. Thankfully the Walther G22 is as rare as bigfoot. i’ve never seen one in real life. If I may add my 1.5 cents: the M-16 and M-16A1. Cheap plastic, unreliable, weak round and for some reason everybody likes them. Also the Mini-14…nuff said on that one.

  2. In all fairness to the Desert Eagle, being “heavy, ugly, and useless” is sort of the point… I still want one, but there are a lot of other things I want more.

    I just picked up a Walther(Interarms) TPH over the weekend; tiny, cutesy, and useless. Had to have it (and reputation aside – wonder of wonders – it runs like a top).

  3. At the local gun shop one of the workers handed me what I believe was a Colt 2000. I handed it back quickly.

  4. I’m with you on most of those, and add Kahr. I saw you kept trying to like them, until Kimber Solo provided an alternative. My PM9 was crap; so happy my shop gave me full credit on the return. However I disagree on the BDL. Iron sighted 700s are scarce enough, and I’d happy swap my nekkid 700 for one with irons. BUIS are a Good Thing. Best–C

  5. You are right about all those gun except the BLR. It admit it did take me a few rounds to get used to the bolt but, once I did, I found the damned thing to be one of the best 308 hunting rifles I own. I am more likely to be toting it into the field than any of the others. Heck, I liked my first one so well I bought the take down model.

  6. I must be weird but i preffer iron sights over scopes. But I have trouble finding rifles that come with them anymore. But i agree carry handles on guns look silly

  7. I hate everything Magnum Research makes, just because they plaster the name “Desert Eagle” on everything, like it’s some sort of gun herpes they’re spreading.

    I’m probably in the minority, but I hate the CZ-75. That’s no reflection on the accuracy or reliability, but I had a bad experience with a pre-b CZ once. It was easily the worst gun trade I’ve ever made and dealing with the company was insane. I still like the Jericho and Witness, but I’m forever soured on factory CZ’s.

  8. The Henry Golden Boy isn’t even a good replica. Only vagely resembles the real thing.

    If you want a good Henry rifle clone, get an Uberti.

  9. The G22 is not only ugly but overly complicated as well. Most people who have handled them didn’t know that the rear sight assembly needs to slide up to be used properly. I’m not much of a Desert Eagle fan, but I can say that the older MK IX (or is it the VII…?) in .357 is extremely fun to shoot and it is very accurate. The smaller frame (the MK XIX is huge) is comfortable for me. I do HATE it when people call them “Deagles” with a passion.

  10. I don’t feel the same way about some of the others, but for me what you said about the Desert Eagle applies to the Judge. Big, ugly, and pointless. I don’t understand why they built it, let alone why anyone would buy one.

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