First time.

I just had my first book signing.  At the Bitter Creek Bookstore, in Vernal.
Pretty cool.  No big thing in the grand scheme of things… But for your humble little Ogre, kind of a monumental event.

Holding my book in my hand for the first time… It was sweet. Made it “real”.

14 thoughts on “First time.”

  1. Dude, I am SO happy for you.
    If you never do anything else in this lifetime, you have accomplished a goal that thousands of others talk and dream about.
    “You did it.”


  2. Congrats, Ogre! So, what is the title of your book, what is it about, and where can I obtain a copy?


    I’ve been not paying attention for a small bit……I can get Uprising at a bookstore?!!?

    Gotta go to B.A.M after work today, that’s all there is to it.

    Any chance you’ll be coming to Texas any time soon? Lol.

  4. When I commented earlier and said ‘posted’ I meant, as an ad for my readers to sally forth and buy it…to the idiot that clicked the ‘dislike’ button. Trying to help sell the book…ah, good intentions.

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