Scooter Guys

Guys should never ride Scooters.  I don’t care who you are, where you are, Scooters are for Chicks, not Dudes.  A Dude on a Scooter is just wrong.

For Example.

Now there is nothing but right with that.  If you look like that, by all means, ride that Scooter.  We’re going to overlook the complete lack of safety gear… and just appreciate this for what it is… A moment of zen… a moment to contemplate the beauty in the world.

And then there’s this guy.  Wrong on all counts.  Don’t be this guy.  No gear, riding a Scooter while on a Cell Phone, and he’s guilty of being a Dude On a Scooter.  Someone should smash him with a 2×4 while he rides past… for his own good.  Yes, I know who that dude is.  Doesn’t matter.  He’s still wrong.  Very wrong.

Crusader Weaponry, accomplishing the mission

When Joe and I first started talking about doing Crusader Weaponry, the goal was very simple and focused.  “To build the very best AR-15 rifles possible.”  That goal was accomplished.  Joe’s rifles have consistently outperformed everything they’ve gone up against.

Then someone asked us a question.  “What lubrication do you recommend?”  Huh?  Oil?  That’s a good question.  We tested everything out there and were not able to make a recommendation.  Some oils worked just fine in the heat of the summer, but failed when it got cold.  Some worked fine for the first hundred rounds then left you high and dry.  Others just flat out were not slick enough.  We wanted to recommend an oil that helped improve reliability when you needed it the most.  So we got to work and came up with Slipstream Weapon Lubricants.  The very best lubrication possible.  We recommend it for all firearms.  Marines wanted something for corrosion protection for Salt Water Environments.  We came up with Slipstream STYX.  Again, the goal was met, and it even provides better lubrication on top of protection.  That goal wasn’t just met, but surpassed all expectation.

We were asked about a long range gun.  We delivered the Longbow Rifle that gives you Sub MOA precision accuracy.  We were asked about Shotguns.  We now have the Crusader WRATH shotguns.   We were asked about Handguns, we have an upgrade package for Glock that makes it what it should have always been.  Those goals were met.  We were asked about something different… We did a line of Sterling 9mm SMG type guns… legal semi auto versions.  Done.  Again the goal was met.

Weapons.  Training.  Lubrication.  All this serves a purpose.  We accomplish our mission, so you can accomplish yours.  Crusader Weaponry.


Monday Motorcycles: MOTUS

There is a brand new Motorcycle Brand that has just popped up.  MOTUS.  And they are impressive.

Basically they have a new engine design.  A V-4 specifically designed motorcycling.  Small, compact, big bore, lots of power. 160 horses.  You gotta love that.  I especially love the Moto Guzzi look, but doubling it up.  I like the engine configuration and aggressive lines is has… with the claimed power delivery it should be one hell of a ride.

Two versions, Sport Touring and Sport.  Basically it’s one bike and they just put a fairing and some luggage on it to make the other.  Simple.  I like that.
The overall look of the bike is that a Ducati and a Motoguzzi had a relationship… Engine and frame showing off the technical aspects of the machine. I don’t know if I can live in this world and not have one of these bikes! Oh wait. There is the price aspect. Hold on to your seat, Moto Fans… 30 Grand Plus from what I’m gathering. That’s expensive for a bike. Very expensive. You could buy a BMW S1000RR for 16-18 Grand depending on options, and pretty much all lesser machines for less than that. This Motus? Wow. That’s a lot of money for something brand new like this with no track record to stand on. But the engineering support that went into these bikes is impressive indeed. Oh wait, what’s that? Well, your right. Some Harley Guys will spend more than that on their HD Branded Leathers and matching Hard Case Luggage. Yeah, just so they can ride their twice a year tour to show off that they are Bikers. I know. You’ve seen them on the road. Sparkling new machines that are five years old and less miles than some of us ride in a month and every bit of kit they have on the bike or themselves is all stamped Harley Davidson. So in that perspective, a Motus is cheap.
My concern about these, and any new engine. Is how does the engine run after 50 thousand miles? I’ve seen some engines that are nice and tight and keep their performance and then it just comes apart with no hope of regaining the efficiency it once had. Others chug along happy as can be forever as long as you keep oil in it. I don’t want one like an Audi engine… Fine until it starts to unravel. I hope this Motus engine is more like Ford’s old inline 6 truck engine they used to make… the things were bullet proof. If it had oil in it and gas, the engine would run. That kind of reliability is what I would want out of this new Motus powerplant.

That engine would look amazing in a custom chopper frame, wouldn’t it? Considering that Motus is selling those engines as crate motors, I’m betting we’ll be seeing some wild custom builds.

If I had the money, I’d certainly buy one.  Of course, I can’t even afford to pay attention, so a machine like this is a pipe dream at the moment.  But still… what a sweet sweet dream it is.   If I could, I’d buy the stripped down sport version.  Because an engine like this, you are not getting the big mile numbers back for a tank of juice, and those don’t look like the largest of fuel tanks given the size of the airbox that motor needs.  And the seat looks like it gives you little room for moving around.  So even with the claimed “Large Fuel Tank” on the product page, I’m guessing your getting barely over a hundred miles on one refill.  To me, that’s not a Sport Touring machine.  This machine looks like it just needs to be stripped down and enjoyed for what it is… a Beastly machine that wants to tear shit up.  I’d want to keep it pure.  You don’t see a lot of Ducati Monsters wearing hard luggage, now do you?

Huh… This or that Confederate Hellcat?  Man…