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Scooter Guys

Guys should never ride Scooters.  I don’t care who you are, where you are, Scooters are for Chicks, not Dudes.  A Dude on a Scooter is just wrong.

For Example.

Now there is nothing but right with that.  If you look like that, by all means, ride that Scooter.  We’re going to overlook the complete lack of safety gear… and just appreciate this for what it is… A moment of zen… a moment to contemplate the beauty in the world.

And then there’s this guy.  Wrong on all counts.  Don’t be this guy.  No gear, riding a Scooter while on a Cell Phone, and he’s guilty of being a Dude On a Scooter.  Someone should smash him with a 2×4 while he rides past… for his own good.  Yes, I know who that dude is.  Doesn’t matter.  He’s still wrong.  Very wrong.