Police raided HK?

I don’t have the link, but The Blaze reported that HK was raided by German police. Charges of bribing Mexico.
Ah… It’s Mexico… That’s how you do business there. If you don’t, you don’t get anything done. It’s pay for play down there.

SIG’s 1911 .22

My buddy Fenris purchased a SIG 1911 in .22.  It’s not really made by SIG like their other 1911 pistols, but it’s made by GSG for them.  The other GSG’s are imported by ATI and are otherwise identical to the SIG, save for Grips and other Markings.

Well, Fenris and I took it out for the first time and we had a mixed box of random bulk rimfire rounds.  We fired 250 rounds through it. The accuracy was remarkable and the reliability was flawless.  Impressive for any rimfire…

Now SIG has a new version…  One I like a bit more.

Oh baby… That’s a good looking .22 Rimfire pistol right there!  Yes, t really is green… OD Green with simple walnut wood grips.

Axis Powers

When Germany and Italy work together on something, amazing things happen and France surrenders.
Ducati and AMG have conspired together to build an evil motorcycle called the Diavel AMG.  It’s already banned in Poland.
Quite seriously, Italian designs and German engineering is the best of both worlds… It’s the automotive equivalent of crossing the streams.