Who Is Deadliest?

In one corner, we have Gandalf the White.  Wizard of the First Order, armed with a stick that glows in the dark.  In the other corner we have Masterchief.  Hero of Halo, armed with whatever weapons he finds.


I think this just might be just as valid as “Deadliest Warrior”.  Just sayin.


Anyone want to vote for Miss Utah?

Once more, I’m asking The Horde for help.   McKenna is going for Miss Utah again, and word has it, she is the one to beat this year.  The favored girl.  So here is what we need to do.

She's going for Miss Utah, because there is no Miss Super Awesome.

Take a look at all the Pretty Faces here.  And find McKenna’s picture, and vote for her.  Simple thing really.  I think there is even a donation thing to contribute to her Charity or something like that.  Because it’s also a fundraiser.   She’s the only gal there that is busting 30 out of 30 with her Over-Under.  Just saying.

Kenna has done this before and did very well, but didn’t win.  The Pagent People around are paying her a lot of attention this time around.    She’s had some setbacks, but has overcome them.  She went out for So You Think You Can Dance and the Producers spent 2 Days filming only her.   They filmed her shooting Shotguns and stuff… Yeah, they sent a film crew all the way out here and followed her around like puppies.   Then when the show aired, they didn’t use any of it.  In fact, she was only on screen 3 times I counted, for about a second each time.  They didn’t show her dance.  They didn’t show her win the ticket to Vegas or anything.  They cut her out completely.   Why?  Probably because the Brits involved in the show were offended that this girl owns and shoots guns.  She was very hurt.  She said, “It’s like it didn’t even happen.”  Instead of showing her, they showed some lunatics.  Some girl that thinks she’s the daughter of one of the Beatles, and the lunatic that thinks he’s Ringo Starr, even though he’s about a foot taller than Ringo.

Well, she picked herself back up and is moving on.  Because that’s what we do.  This People’s Choice vote can really help her out.    If she goes to a straight up competition, with real judges who are not playing political games, McKenna wins every time.  She has a collection of trophies that can fill rooms.  But in this competition, she needs some support.

.22 Shotgun: The Targo & the MoSkeet Trap

On Armed American Radio last Sunday, Mark Walters and I joked about an Anti-Gun report that mentioned .22 Rimfire Shotguns. I was unaware of any such beast, as was Mark.
Well, Mossberg actually made one. I was looking up a source for a .22 Magazine and found reference to the 1930’s Mossberg Targo .22 Shotgun. So, I was wrong. There is a .22LR Smoothbore out there.  These were produced until, believe it or not, as late as 1968 according to that link.  Remington made one too.  Based on their little pump action .22, it was called the MoSkeet Trap.  These were primarily used in Shooting Galleries, but saw slow sales everywhere else.

So, there you go.  I was wrong.   I am however surprised that Listeners didn’t call this to our attention.


Bullet Selection is important

I talk about this with customers and knowledge seekers all the time. Caliber is a question that really doesn’t make such a huge difference as most cartridges are throwing the lead in a similar trajectory until you get into some extreme differences. So your old .30-06 vs .270 question is moot. Most guys get the bigger caliber and then shoot the cheapest bullets through it. This is not advisable. Your bullet selection plays an important, critical part. Because the rifle doesn’t make the kill. The bullet does. You need to match the bullet to what you want to kill with it.

Strange News

First Up:  I know guns do a lot of things… but I’ve never considered it as a Wart Remover.  It worked. The wart was removed.  Kind of.   If by removing the finger the wart was on, then yes, shooting the wart worked.

Second:  Scientists are not our friends.  This is bad.  Isn’t there some sort of Peer Review or Corporate Funding Review that could have put a stop to this research on the bases that this is a very bad idea?  Seriously, who is going to try a bite?  Oh wait… this just my sell big in Germany.

And the best one:

Global Warming?  Sorry… no… we meant COOLING.  Global Cooling.  As in, we’re looking at an Ice Age again.  So for all you guys that purchased Carbon Offset Credits.   HA!

A quick look at “Tactical .22” rifles.

For some reason, this segment of the shooting community has exploded. Because evidently classic .22 shooting just isn’t cool enough anymore. You have guns like the Ruger 10/22, the Marlin Model 60, the Marlin 39A Lever Action, or something simple like one of the excellent CZ bolt actions…. but no… they are not “TACTICAL”. Let me tell you, the Lever Action was Tactical before the word was invented. Because if “Black with Rails” means Tactical then I guess it’s not. If Tactical means it can be applied with tactics, or if it’s user friendly and provides actual utility in different situations, then absolutely. Well, some folks think it’s all about the AmTracks… so we have to roll with as many rails as possible to be even more tactical. I mean, hell, we have Rails for our Rails because no one is making a gun with enough rails so we have to add more. Anyways, the rifles. Let’s take a quick look.

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