Strange News

First Up:  I know guns do a lot of things… but I’ve never considered it as a Wart Remover.  It worked. The wart was removed.  Kind of.   If by removing the finger the wart was on, then yes, shooting the wart worked.

Second:  Scientists are not our friends.  This is bad.  Isn’t there some sort of Peer Review or Corporate Funding Review that could have put a stop to this research on the bases that this is a very bad idea?  Seriously, who is going to try a bite?  Oh wait… this just my sell big in Germany.

And the best one:

Global Warming?  Sorry… no… we meant COOLING.  Global Cooling.  As in, we’re looking at an Ice Age again.  So for all you guys that purchased Carbon Offset Credits.   HA!

11 thoughts on “Strange News”

  1. Don’t forget it’s not Global Warming nor Cooling, it’s – Climate Change!

    That way no matter what happens they’re covered, can still predict apocalypse, nag us unmercifully and get research grants.

    Ahh…the life of the environmentalist.

  2. Anything anybody has said about “global warming” or climate change in the last 20 or so years, had nothing to do with science. Its all politics nothing more, nothing less.

    1. Well, I tell you what. I am believing in a global cooling. Nasa has tracked that and in fact, this year it’s June and it feels like what April should have been. My desert is green and where it isn’t green, it’s flooded.

        1. It’s raining right now. Has been all morning. Rain. In June. That’s just not supposed to happen. My desert is green and lush. This is all wrong. We should be in brushfire season. We should be scortching.

      1. Sorry, I should have put man-made in there. I totally agree with the cooling data from NASA, we’ve had some “off” weather here in Arizona too. I believe the mini-Ice Age in the 17th/18th century and the cooling trend near the end of the 20th flat out shows climate change is normal and something we can not change, we are just along for the ride.

        1. Yes, Man- Made. Man is an insect on the Planet. We can’t have any effect on the planet that isn’t undone by the planet. The planet will heal its self and take its self back. Look at any section of a highway that is re-routed. In just a couple years, it’s pitted and cracked and plants encroach on it. Within only 20 years, it’s impassable without a 4×4 and often unrecognizable. Same thing with Oil Well Sites and such.

  3. Some people have been predicting a possible mini-ice age (how they know it’s only going to be a “mini” one I don’t know) since at least 2008:;

    That author was predicting about 50-50 for warming or cooling. Since we’ve seen several more unusually cold years since then, I’d say it’s pretty definite that we’re currently in a cold period due to solar activity; how much longer it will last and how severe it will get I have no idea though.

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