.338 Lapua is so super awesome!

We hear a lot of questions about the .338 Lapua cartridge.  It get’s almost religious-like hushed tones when most guys talk about it.  It gets so much attention, even out here in the Uintah Basin, that when people around here talk about a .338, they are talking about the Lapua round.

Let’s take a look at the most common .338’s here in my neck of the woods.

.338 Win Mag, .338 Lapua, .338-378 Weatherby

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I don’t get Steampunk.

Steampunk seems to be all about Victorian clothes, with Goggles and Boots and Brass Gears and Tubes.   Am I missing something?

Yeah, I heard it’s all about Jules Verne (The Father of Sci-Fi, yada yada yada) and stuff… but I don’t get it.  It’s less Geeky than Cyberpunk, I’ll give it that.   And the people seem smarter and better looking that Cyberpunks… but I’m just not getting Steampunk.

Someone, please explain this to me.

Marlin’s looking good again?

We got in a couple new Marlins from the factory.   One of them is a big loop Guide Gun.  Guys, I have to tell you… it looks good.  None of the shoddy fitting like in the past.  None of the shabby wood like in the past.  Everything on it looks and feels good.  Like a Marlin should.  And this isn’t just one shippment.  The last one looked good too, so this isn’t a fluke event.

Now, don’t hold me to it, and don’t hold your breath…. but I’m hopeful that Marlin has fixed their QC issues and is now making good guns again.

Sick of hearing about Weiner’s junk.

I don’t click the links, so I’m not following the story.  But the headlines have pretty much painted a good enough picture I wish I hadn’t seen.  Every time I go to a news site, there is another story about Rep Weiner’s junk.  I’m sick of it.  The DNC, if they had any credibility left, would demand that this guy steps down.  But they’ve not done that.  Because Weiner’s Junk is a puppet show that takes away from attention that could be paid on more important issues.  Such as the Economy.  It’s all about the Economy right now… specifically, how bad it is.  Yet we don’t hear a lot about it on the normal news outlets.  The Democrats are crashing our Economy and instead of getting the reports on that, we’re getting Weiner’s weiner wagged in our faces.    Next election, break out the shears… let’s cut these guys off at the root.

The Democrat lead Administration has driven the US into the ground so far that it’s going to be impossible for us to climb back out of.  We need a drastic change in the USA and luckily such change is still able to happen peacefully.  We still have our votes.   We can still fix this by voting out every Democrat in every office… if we can take back our Government from the Socialists, we can fix our country.