Mike Huckabee says that he might give a Presidential run in 2012 a pass.  Oh joy!  I have a serious dislike of Mike Huckabee… he should stick to his radio show.  But I hate his radio show as well.  He’s always shilling his Simple Books, Simple Government, Simple Christmas… with his Huck This and Huck that… it really gets under my skin.

Why?   Because Huckabee gave us Obama.

He stayed in the race only to make sure Mitt Romney couldn’t win.  He divided the votes on purpose to allow McCain to win by such comfortable margins… McCain – the last guy any Conservative wanted to win the nomination.   Then with some many people saying that they would never vote for McCain… they stayed home from the polls… Our turn out was low.   Obama won each state by small margins overall.   If we had a less distasteful candidate things would have been different.  Instead, we got McCain and that allowed Obama to ride the Soul Train into the White House.

I hold Huckabee accountable for that.  I also don’t like the fact that The Huckster is rabidly Anti-Mormon.  Religious Bigotry because one Christian group believes differently than another Christian group.  That’s small minded, pathetic, and is not a character trait that we need in a President.

Screw Huckabee.

Respecting Kimber

I’ve had some emails where people think that I am disrespecting Kimber.  Actually I feel that Kimber has disrespected the American Gun Culture.  Taking us for granted.

Personally I have great respect for Kimber.  They changed the 1911 Industry as a whole.  Before Kimber, it was common to buy a new Colt or other 1911… and take it straight to a gunsmith so that they could make the gun simply run.  Kimber comes out with the gun they called the “Custom”.  And it worked right out of the box.  They sold so well, that the other 1911 makers had to step up their games or they were out.  It really kicked Colt in the Sweets hard.

I’m critical of Kimber because in my opinion they have let themselves down.. accepting lower standards and just expecting customers to just take it because they are Kimber and they know better.  Well, that’s just not acceptable.  Kimber needs to get back to building guns instead of making pretty.  The need to take seriously the gun making responsibility.  Guns are for Competition, for Law Enforcement, for Self Defense… These guns can Save Lives.  They should take seriously a sacred responsibility to build guns right.

Information + Time = Value

I’ve spent several hours with an individual who had talked of ordering a rifle from me.  We talked ballistics, caliber, BC, trajectory, rate of twist, air pressure, spin drift, shockwaves, bedding, trigger, stocks, brakes, MOA… I educated this guy for a very long time, to the point that other customers were going to other guys at the counter and making other sales.

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