Crusader High Power

Who would be interested in buying a full house custom, built from the ground up, Crusader High Power?  The price would be around 1800 bucks.   Yes, it’s steep, I know… but these would be individually hand built, hand fitted, and hand finished.

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    1. Fancy? No, not Fancy. Just done exceptionally well, tight tolerances, with all the best custom features that Hi Power owners send off to have done to their guns.

      1. Let me rephrase: what features are you looking at including?

        If you can’t say for sure without knowing how many you expect to build and sell, that’s fine. I remember talking this over with you and Joe last fall and having to back out when it got too rich for my budget :/

        1. And apologies: on reflection, that’s a bit pushier sounding than intended. Like I said, if there isn’t a firm answer yet, that’s cool.

        2. Joe would have to handle the specifics. But the idea is that these would be full house custom guns for the purpose of high volume use. Slight melting of the edges, “carry bevel” you could call it, target crown on the muzzle end. Tritium sights. No magazine disconnect safety,
          No, not cheap at all. But they would be world class.
          It would be cheaper to just buy new Brownings and customize those.

    1. That’s a different animal entirely. Feel free to shoot me an email about that. These High Powers are built on NEW, custom frames and slides that are well above Browning quality (don’t send down lightning bolts for that blasphemy JMB). Much better internal finish which is a huge downfall of the High Power.

      For doing this work on an existing High Power we’ll have to figure up price for you.

  1. I will take one, as long as you take Kidney. I probably don’t need the left one.
    Seriously – maybe a year or so from now I’d think about it – if it was stainless. Not hard chrome – stainless or maybe even two-tone like the “Practical” models.

    1. They are making very nice frames and slides. Admittedly it would cheaper to buy Brownings and rebuild them, But we want to build the best Hi Power ever, and those parts look pretty dang good to me.

  2. Is this going to be a long term thing or a one off like the Sterlings? Because I would sell a kidney for a Crusader’s Hi-Power, but at 1800 that’s way more scratch than I can come up with as a college student.

  3. I dunno, but, I can say I’m a Hi-Power lover and would look long and hard at the specifics when you can publish them. Esp, if it can handle +P or +P+ 9mm along the lines of (or better than) a .40 Small & Weak converted to 9mm.

  4. I would certainly be interested in looking at it when the feature set and options are fully defined.

    It would depend on my finances at the time, but I’m in need of a BBQ gun.

  5. Hell yeah, at $1K. $1.8K is a big maybe.

    The thought of one makes me want to call up Luke Adams and change my holster order from Glock to High Power…

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