Mike Huckabee says that he might give a Presidential run in 2012 a pass.  Oh joy!  I have a serious dislike of Mike Huckabee… he should stick to his radio show.  But I hate his radio show as well.  He’s always shilling his Simple Books, Simple Government, Simple Christmas… with his Huck This and Huck that… it really gets under my skin.

Why?   Because Huckabee gave us Obama.

He stayed in the race only to make sure Mitt Romney couldn’t win.  He divided the votes on purpose to allow McCain to win by such comfortable margins… McCain – the last guy any Conservative wanted to win the nomination.   Then with some many people saying that they would never vote for McCain… they stayed home from the polls… Our turn out was low.   Obama won each state by small margins overall.   If we had a less distasteful candidate things would have been different.  Instead, we got McCain and that allowed Obama to ride the Soul Train into the White House.

I hold Huckabee accountable for that.  I also don’t like the fact that The Huckster is rabidly Anti-Mormon.  Religious Bigotry because one Christian group believes differently than another Christian group.  That’s small minded, pathetic, and is not a character trait that we need in a President.

Screw Huckabee.

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  1. Isn’t it funny how the country snickered at Ron Paul during all those Republican debates? Dismissed him as a kook over the years. Tell me one prediction that’s nuts and hasn’t been proven true.
    2008+ economic depression, devalued dollar, rise in gold, inflation, empire-building bankrupting the nation, destroyed middle class, Federal policy causing spiraling health care costs, Fed policy causing spiraling tuition costs, Fed war on drugs causing the drug violence, The Fed Reserve causing the fall of the richest nation on earth, etc. etc.

    A prophet hath no honor in his own country. — Jesus Christ

  2. Huckabee has managed to tick off economic conservatives with his record of Big Government coziness during his term as governor. He is also not all that popular with the evangelicals in my neck of the woods. How did one Baptist put it, “He put strobe lights on his cross in an attempt to get votes rather than living the life and being an example. He’s using religion rather that letting God use him.”
    I can’t see him carrying Texas anyway, at least not with the people I know.

  3. Yeah, Romney – Massachusettsheathcare – would have been a big vote puller. I don’t think so. Not to mention his running mate would probably have been someone in the mold of the crying Boner.
    Frankly, unless a non-rino with balls comes along, I don’t see much hope for either the repubs or the country come 2012.

  4. Fuckabee represents the worst in Christian candidates.

    Populist, and soft on fiscal conservatism. His only hard stance is pimpimg his personal brand of Christianity via legislation.

  5. Huckabee was my governor in Arkansas. What a tool. It was nice to have someone not afraid of voicing his convictions but he’s really no more than an Obama-lite. The guy opens his mouth and I want to smack it shut. His playing in his own tv show’s band just wreaks of Clinton too. Just can’t stand the guy.

  6. Ogre, I love you man, but when it comes to Mitt Romney, you have a blind spot the size of Salt Lake City. Between Romneycare and his libtarded views on guns, he would have drawn even fewer votes than rival RINO McCain. If you want to be mad about something, be mad that the press utterly ignored the one decent man in the race: Fred Thompson. His platform was about 90% of everything the TEA Partiers are pushing for. The single biggest problem we have is that Republicans somehow let a liberal press choose our candidates with lopsided coverage. And despite all the noise about ‘new media’ the facts remain: young people exposed to new media vote in lower numbers than geriatrics who are still getting their info from newspapers and the nightly news, and most of them simply don’t realize how biased the information they are presented with is.

    1. There is only one small problem with Fred Thompson… he is too old and tired. I like Fred. But he didn’t fight like how he needed to fight. We need a younger, more energetic, and an angrier Fred Thompson.

  7. Wild Deuce: Yep.

    No one gets ahead in politics by being nasty. But, I agree, it takes more than that.

  8. Oh, and Mitt can die in a fire ( politically ) as well.

    The man behind the state version of Obamacare can not be forgiven … I’ll leave that to that Jesus fellow.

  9. Paul/Johnson or Johnson/Paul, that is the question.

    Much as I like Dr. Paul, I think the latter would be the more-electable ticket. Americans want a young, vibrant President. They want a President who can climb Mt. Everest. Who built his own house. Who runs triathlons.

    And Dr. Paul would fit excellently into the grandfatherly-adviser role, offsetting the negative stigma that Johnson’s relative youth might have for some older voters. He’s your favorite grandfather (, and has an amazing ability to drum up grassroots support.

  10. Come Primary time, it’ll be the Name Game all over again. Whoever’s the most recognizable will get the most votes from the sheeple. My money’s on Newt Gingrich for that very reason.

    Mind you, I’m throwing my SUPPORT behind Ron Paul, just like I did four years ago, but that’s my prediction….

    I don’t believe there are enough profane adjectives to describe how utterly screwed we are. It might actually be best for Obama to get another four years, and for the Democrats to retake the House and gain a few more Senate seats. That way, they can finish the job of de-Americanizing our country, so that we can start anew…..

  11. Ron Paul has publicly stated that he would not have ordered the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. Why? Apparently because it violated Pakistan’s sovereignty. Pakistan has been double dealing for the last decade and he’s worried about their sovereignty. We rolled into Afghanistan and toppled the Taliban because they were harboring Osama Bin Laden. Pakistan was no different.

    Furthermore, Ron Paul would gut the military worse than the Democrats will, if he had his way. I heard him on the radio back in 2008, insisting that the United States had never been attacked in two-hundred-something years of history. He apparently didn’t consider 9/11 an attack. Nor, for that matter, the Japanese invasion of the Aleutians during World War II, their previous attack on Pearl Harbor, or hell! How about when the British burned Washington to the ground in the War of 1812?

    His views on the military closely mirror the far left.

    Ron Paul doesn’t live in the real world. He’s a doddering old fool, yet admirably dedicated to his principles. He refuses to compromise, period, end of story. That’s not necessarily a good thing either.

    Now, I don’t think he’d be that bad as President. I think the realities of the office would sink in after he got elected, much as they did for President Obama. Remember how Gitmo was supposed to be closed within a year of him taking office? How’s that working out? In any case, Congress would keep him in check. They’re not going to let him unilaterally disband half the military without some debate on the matter.

    All of this is a moot point, as Ron Paul is never going to be President. He’s the Ralph Nader of the Right Wing. It’s time we understood that and let him go. He’s too old for the job in any case.

    Besides. There’s no fixing this mess now. Pinning your hopes on a political messiah will only lead to disappointment.

  12. Ron Paul is more useful in Congress. If we had fifty or a hundred Congresspersons like him, the country would be a lot better off. But his mindset isn’t right for the Oval Office. He certainly wouldn’t be worse than what we’ve got now, but again, he’s never going to be president so it’s irrelevant.

  13. Romney would be my vote for the “last man I want to see win the nomination”. I would not vote for Romney under any circumstances. If the Republicans can’t do better than someone who brought mandated health care to this state and and opposes any reasonable interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, then it’s four more years for the current resident of the White House. Romney isn’t a conservative. Romney can’t be trusted to defend our rights. Romney doesn’t even begin to get it on the real nature of the economy. There’s so much I agree with you on, and I don’t think much of Huckabee either, but here’s one big final HELL NO to Romney.

    1. The more I look at Romney, the more I agree with you… but right now it’s looking like he’s the front runner. Of all the guys that look like they are going to “Go For It” for 2012 – I don’t like any of them. All the guys I’d consider voting for – all of them say they don’t want it. Which only makes sense… those smart enough for the job don’t want it.

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