Kel-Tec P-11

So I picked up a Kel-Tec P-11 today.  I honestly don’t know why, but had to.  The size and weight make for an attractive Sub-Compact, as is the 9mm caliber… being a much better defense option that the ever popular (but I don’t know why) .380.   I have yet to test fire it, but I did clean and examine it and it looks fine.  If I have any problems, I can send it back to KT for them to go through it.   Lifetime Warranty makes any Kel-Tec a safe bet, and they stand behind their guns.

I’ll detail strip it down, Slipstream it, and then test fire the crap out of it.  If I like it at that point – it will remain in the Ogre Inventory.  If I decide I don’t like it, I’ll sell it or trade it.

Watching the news…

I’m watching, listening, and reading the news coming in from around the country and the world…  I’m seeing the whole world going to hell in a handbasket.  And I just don’t care anymore.   I’m seeing Mankind’s ability to be inhumane to fellow man.  Our Government’s Puppet Theater to keep the blissfully ignorant and gullible occupied while they run us into the ground.   The seeds of war spread and taking root around the globe.  I’m just not caring much anymore about all of it.   Nothing is surprising me about how bad it’s getting.  I really don’t care anymore.

All I care about is taking care of, and protecting my loved ones.  Nothing else matters.

Crusader LEO .308 CETME Battle Rifle

The next Crusader LEO Project Rifle we are currently thinking about is a the CETME.  There are a lot of options out there for the CETME and they have a good reputation and a following.  And the CETME would gain huge benefits from the Slipstream ST-1 Process.   Options would be custom color, railed handguards and a collapsing stock.  This will be a very smooth, very reliable .308 battle rifle starting out for under a grand.  Even with the collapsing stock and railed guards, still very reasonable.   So for you guys that can’t afford a Broadsword or have an aversion to an AR Type weapon – This is the gun.  HK liked the so much, they took it and it became the G3.

What do you guys think?