Those who ordered Sterlings…

Please Contact Joe at Crusader Weaponry…   Some sent along FFL’s for shipping without your contact information to go with it.  I doubt your local Dealers know your WTA or other Screen Names.   But maybe they do!    Regardless, please be a good sport, and ease Joe’s worries.   Much thanks!

Sterling SMG’s

Yesterday I went over to Crusader HQ and helped work on the Sterling SMG project.  I had some fun doing it… I really did.

The Sterling is a unique weapon.  It’s simple to the point that it makes an AK look complicated, yet it has a crude elegance about it.  The parts that came were all in various conditions and each one had it’s own personality. The parts had to be all be cleaned, resurfaced / Slipstreamed.   It was time consuming, but we knocked them out pretty good.  Joe still has to do the finish work…. One of them is going to be Pink.  It should turn out awesome.

One thing that impressed me was the Slipstream process.  It’s easy to describe, but very challenging to do.  It’s a blind process that is done by feel.  It takes an experienced touch to do it, and Joe has that.    The result is a Sterling that actually feels like a weapon.   No grinding feel, no grit.  Huge difference compared to the last Sterling I fired.   Photos Soon.

Recent Movies

Battle LA: I enjoyed it a lot… I thought it was very well done.  It felt like you were watching someone play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but it was fun.  It even had the short vehicle stage.    Overall it was a great recruiting effort for the US Marines.   Which is a good thing, so I don’t begrudge them that at all.  But where is the movie about soldiers where they sit around and wait all the time?  Like in real life?

Sucker Punch: Distill all awesomeness and unfiltered imagination and mix in heavy metal and hot chicks… and that about sums up Sucker Punch.  The phrase Eye Candy doesn’t cut it… it’s Eye Crack… Zack Snyder did it… he made Crack for your Eyeballs.  I can’t go into any detail, because I’m still blown away by it.  Fight Choreography is something that Zack is very good at, not only that, but he’s very good at actually showing you the fight.  Not like some movies where there is so much happening you can’t tell what’s going on (GI JOE) but he actually shows you the fight.  Like his previous masterpiece “300”, this one is going to rock you.    It’s required viewing.   You have to go see this one.  ASAP.